I Love Guilt Trips, TYVM

I don't normally participate in Kmama's TYVM, which is odd because I always have some sarcastic thank you to throw out to someone!

Since Kmama is on vacay this week, TYVM is being hosted by...

A serious thank you goes out here for 2 reasons.
1. I really have people to "thank"
2. A new blog to check out - yay!

Now onward to TYVM!

First off, thank you very much, Kmama for going on vacation. I thank you for rubbing it in reminding those of us who stalk visit your blog. I hope you're enjoying your trip while I'm stuck here with this 70 degree weather. I can't go swimming when it's in the 70s!!!

I'm going to stop with the weather stuff now. Like I said yesterday, if I keep complaining Mother Nature will give me much more than I ask for.

Seriously Kmama, enjoy your trip!

Girl Scout service area manager, thank you very much for the guilt trip. I truly, truly appreciate it! I respectfully declined to participate in the parade, but you keep emailing me. I don't want to be the mean leader because you're kind of like my boss, but I'm ready to go there. There's not much Irish in me, but for the teeny bit there is, it's feisty!

I guess I should explain what the hell I'm talking about, huh?

Our community has a parade every year for the 4th - one of the biggest in the area. The Service area manager for my town asked all of us leaders to march with our troops. Leader R was in charge of organizing for the parade and we should contact her with RSVPs and what not.

I talked to the other leader of our troop to find out if any of the girls would be marching. She hadn't heard from anyone. She also sent an email around for our parents to contact me since she was going out of town. I haven't heard from anyone either.

I finally caved and sent the head honcho-ess and Leader R an email saying I didn't think anyone from our troop would be able to make it. Leader R emailed me back saying not to worry about it. They usually have girls show at the last minute anyway. Head honcho-ess emails me and brings on the guilt trip.

It would be really nice if you could march and bring a few girls with you. Remind them that they will get a patch and be recognized at the luncheon

Yes, it would be nice, but what does she want me to do, drag each girl to the meeting place by their ears?! NO thank you very much!

As for me, I have my mom and a family friend with her daughter who come every year to watch the parade with us. I really don't think it's fair for them to come here only for me to hit them up with babysitting duty for my son while I walk down the road with my daughter. I just love how the husband conveniently schedules a tennis game during the parade. Every year!

For now, I'm going to ignore that last email and just see what happens from here. There's a good chance when they come marching towards me on Saturday, it will just happen to coincide with me needing to run down the hill to my house for a pee break!


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Rachel said...

Oh yikes... it's hard when people try to lay guilt. Hope this works out for you and there aren't any issues!

HeatherOz said...

Aw, I cave to the guilt trips every time! Way to stay strong! LOL

Beth Zimmerman said...

I think going to the bathroom to dump guilt sounds like a fine idea! :)

Natalie said...

Don't forget to bring your running shoes so you can escape fast for that potty break! ;)