Is It Too Much To Ask? Probably!


Dear Mother Nature,

I love you! The past few nights you have delivered some kick ass sleeping weather. It was cool enough to snuggle under my favorite blankets with my boys, but leave the windows open just enough to let in a nice breeze. Just the way I like it! I can not stand when it's too hot to sleep!

By the way, so you don't think I'm some cheating tramp, "my boys' refers to my Beatles blanket.

What I meant to sat these past few nights, and days....

Dear Mother Nature,

What the hell, you moody bitch?!? Hot, cold, hot, cold, and then rain! And the rain either cools things down too much or makes the air so heavy that I feel like I'm drowning when I try to breathe! It is summer.


Got that?

Summer is supposed to be hot!

We got our pool passes last week. We were too busy to hit the pool over the weekend, but now that we're home and available to go to the pool, it's not warm enough. I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit on the side wrapped in a towel while my kids turn blue in the pool!

We don't have AC, so it will be tough at first, but we do have enough fans to assist in the cooling process. I'll adjust. But please adjust yourself so we can go out and enjoy the summer!

Of course, that is only what I meant to say! Last time I complained about the weather, we got screwed. Big time! Last summer was sucky, so I said "We better have a decent snow storm to make up for it". I just wanted 1 day where no one had to go anywhere and we could stay home and play in the snow. 1 day!

We ended up with Snowmageddon. Schools were closed for a week, the husband couldn't get to work for most of that week as well, and the shoveling... my God, it didn't end!!!

I'm gonna shut my trap now before we end up with a hot summer of epic proportions!


Brittney said...

lol this weather is so unpredictable but cold is not one thing.. our lows have been 90s haha!!! Hope yall get to go swimming soon :)

Brittany Ciara said...

That darn mother nature who can't make up her mind! :P Thanks for playing!

singedwingangel said...

lmbo I so hear ya. Ky is not one for huge snow storms as a rule bout once every 10 years.. till recently. She has thrown in ice and snow and bad roads.. yeah not saying a word

Shell said...

We've just had hot, hot, hot here. Like August hot.

Andrea said...

Count yourself lucky with your weather... we are full into the 100 degree+ temps here in Vegas and it BLOWS. I'm just sayin'.