That's what I get

I had a Girl Scout leader meeting Wednesday.

I really need to start adding some Captain to my Pepsi before I go to these things!

Everybody always has these great ideas, but when it comes time to really plan shit out, no one wants to do anything. So yet again I get roped into volunteering at the booth we'll have at Community Day next month. Great! Can I bring my happy drink to that?

I figure I'll use the same plan that day that I did at the meeting - bring my midgets! They start acting up - time to go!

Right about the time they started a sword fight with the pool table equipment during the meeting was my cue to head for the door! And the nig boss was the one to stop them before I could get to them. And I mean big as in she's in charge of all of southwest Pennsylvania. That's a lot of ground to watch over! Where's my patch for that?!

Visions of swimming were the only thing that kept me afloat during my stay in hell that meeting. I was so excited when we finally got down to the pool. However, I was not excited that it wasn't quite as warm once I had my suit on. Dammit!

I swam anyway.

My knees are, well, the be honest, fucked up. Since we've been swimming, my left one has been giving me hell. I think our trip to the Wave Pool really did it. But swimming is good exercise, right? I can play with my boy and get a workout at the same time. Awesome!

What was not awesome was me trying to show off. I ended up cracking my knee of the cement steps in the pool. Holy shit, did that hurt!!! I think my exact words at the moment of impact were

"Holy! Son of a! Mother fff!" - can't be responsible for corrupting other people's kids, right? My own, that's another story (see my other blog for my daughter's new word!).

The lifeguard was giving me odd looks from his chair. Probably because I fell over like a drunk and looked like I was about to cry. He could have got out of his fucking chair to see if I was ok, but no, I'll just hobble my way to our towels. Thanks anyway. Jerk!

I guess that's what I get when I try to multi-task.


Kmama said...

My knee always hurts when I swim too. Weird.

Sorry about being roped into yet another responsibility!!

Anonymous said...

multi tasaking caN KILL, LOL


Christy said...

Captain Morgan is ALWAYS a good idea no matter the situation. Especially in a daiquiri. And it never ceases to amaze me how few people really want to do something for their kids.

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Oh Jules, poor baby! Multi-tasking is the work of the devil. Captain is the only thing that can make it all better sometimes.