Journey to Earth

I'm a bloody genius!

Genius, not British! I've watched too much Monty Python in my lifetime. British things tend to poop out occasionally.


Now where was I? Oh, yes, genius. What the hell was I thinking to start another blog right before chaos consumed me?!

In my defense, I thought I was planning better. We get home from taking the husband to work around 8am. That gives me an hour or so to do my thing - blog, Facebook, email, whatever. Then it's off to swimming lessons. After that I have the whole afternoon to myself.

Or so I thought!

Apparently I have to feed some little people around here and then entertain them. That pushes my me-time back. Quite a bit, I might add! As in after it's dark. What the hell is that about?!

So what do I do when I finally have some time to myself? Watch crappy tv, that's what! For example, tonight I started watching a documentary about Heaven's Gate. Just in case you don't know what that is, I'll explain.

It's a cult where 39 of the members committed a mass suicide in the late 90s. What blew me away (other than the whole suicide thing) was the belief system of the head honcho. He believed that Jesus came here 2,000 years ago in a spaceship.

A spaceship?!


And then Jesus' mind was now inside of him. His lady friend... God's mind was inside her!

I get that everyone has their own set of beliefs. We're all entitled to that. I also think that we should respect everyone's beliefs, but there are boundaries. Again, a spaceship? Really, people fell for this?!

Maybe I should have left Blue's Clues on.

Swim lessons are over this Friday, thank goodness! Regularly scheduled programming shall resume after that.


Kmama said...

The heaven's gate people are the ones that wore Nike's and drank kool-aid, right? LMAO

Anonymous said...

jesus...spaceship...lmao ;)

Tracie said...

I'm the world's worst time waster! I spent all afternoon laying on the couch watching Top Chef.