What I Learned This Weekend

These past 3 days have been crazy! Fun, but crazy! We had a street fair, a parade, and a boatload of things around the community for people of all ages.

I learned a lot this weekend...

~ Shut my mouth!
Just because I'm hot and annoyed doesn't mean i need to go off on every dumbass! I'm usually not a mean person, but if I'm hot, tired, and/or hungry, I can be a very tad bitchy. Friday night I was all 3. Telling people they're dumb for not knowing their colors when crossing on a red light... probably not my smartest move. And it was not the first time that night I said that something that surprisingly didn't get me jumped!

~ Plan accordingly!
If its going to be hot for the parade, put the chairs where there will be shade the next morning. If the people who live along the route want a spot in front of their house, they should have had their chairs out already! Quit worrying about their feelings and be selfish!

~ There need to be more support groups.
My husband runs. He enjoys it and I can see that it is good exercise. *wink* But some people... well, I wonder about them. When you're jalking (jogging + walking) and you're about to fall over, it's time to stop and find something new to do, like Runners Anonymous. Oh, and this woman (?) had knee braces on, too!

~ I like muffins, just not yours.
I walked up to the church before the parade to get one. I did not need to come back to my chair and see your muffin from across the street! Pull your damn shirt down!! Your body is not suited for a halter top and no one wants to see that! My eyes, my eyes!!!

~ It's great to have someone else spray the sunscreen on your back.
Just make sure they get it all before you leave the house. We all know that unless you're Gumbi, there's spots on your back that you just can't reach. That's why we ask someone to assist with the sunscreening process. Those are the spots that are now red on my back! Thanks, mom!

~ There's always a loophole!
Apparently holidays make walking around with open containers acceptable. They also make it acceptable to walk around the neighborhood plastered by 1pm. Even though some of these people were FUBARed, I must remember this loophole in the rules for next 4th of July!

Did you learn anything new this past weekend?


Kmama said...

LOL I learned that no matter how hard I try to like some people, I just can't. And, they will probably always act like children.

Andrea said...

I am so with you on the being hot and annoyed thing. And I live in Vegas... 100+ temps in the summer! When it is hot I get pink and angry. And it is near-uncontrollable.

Erin said...

I don 't have a problem with anyone else's muffin top...it's mine I don't like! LOL

Kat @ www.TodaysCliche.com said...

I'm laughing that your MUFFIN Top comment was RIGHT IN LINE with my Walmart post!

LOVE LOVE your blog!! I'm not sure I've been here in a LOOONNNGG time! I'm sooo pumped you commented, which led me to come on over. Can't wait to poke around more, Jules!