People Suck

I guess I should be happy that I'm generally a nice person.  But sometimes I really wish I could be a bitch without really offending people.

So many times I want to say things to people that are anything but nice.  Tonight I wanted to say all kinds of stuff to every leader in attendance at our Girl Scout meeting.

Our meeting is scheduled until 9.  It is well after 9 so shut the fuck up so we can all go home.

Quit laughing.  It's not that funny.  Quit your high school bullshit clique crap.  If you would shut the fuck up and quit cracking jokes that no one can hear but you three, we could all go home.

Quit nit picking.  Minor details for our function at the end of next month can be discussed at the next meeting, which falls BEFORE the function.  Do we really need to figure out RIGHT NOW what you think everyone is  going to want to drink?  No, we do not.  Shut the fuck up and move on so we can go home.

As you can see "shut the fuck up" was the running line through my head.  I finally walked out of the meeting an hour after it was supposed to be over because that line was really close to beign said out loud.  It amazes me that this group of ladies can accomplish anything.  Yes we get stuff done, but it takes forever.  A caterer for this function coming up?  It took 4 months to figure out which company we were going with.  Why?  Because all the deals people found were never good enough.  What's out there that's cheaper?  Really, for what you want you can only go so low with a price.  Again, shut the fuck up!  Pick a company, designate who will call to set it up and move the fuck on.

What's the point of this post, other than shut the fuck up?  Nothing really.  But since I can't say certain things to people that probably need to hear them, you get to hear it.  Leave a comment.  Or not.  I appreciate the support, but I really don't care right now.  I just need to get this shit out of my head so I can hopefully sleep.
Some people's hot button issue is religion, or how to feed their baby, or who someone can or can't marry. Me?  It's apparently Girl Scouts.  Fucking sucks!  Let's just hope I don't have nightmares of being chased by Thin Mints.