Love gone sour, suspicion, and bad debt

Love gone sourIn a black and far off corner of my mind
There's a box of something I can't quite define

It reeks of love gone sour, suspicion, and bad debt.

Do you know where you're going when you've taken your last step
Do you know what you get?

Girls Night Out!

As for the love gone sour, mixed in with some suspicion, thank you for the support. The bad debt, well, that's just part of the song.

A few weeks ago I had heard that The Clarks were coming to a fair. I decided to ask Traci, my sister from another mister, to join me in an escapade to see them, sans midgets. It's been far too long since her and I have gone out together.

Wal-Mart at midnight doesn't count!

The fair wasn't exactly close so I Binged some directions. I think Traci was afraid to use my phone so I took the old fashion route and wrote them down. All I have to say is thank god the husband bought me my phone and there is a navigation app on it. We would have been lost in the middle of nowhere, literally, without the woman inside my phone!

Except for the bazillion mile walk uphill (both ways, in the snow with no shoes) to the fair, we had a blast. If this event happens next year, we might take the kids. And the shuttle from the parking lot!

I met some URL peeps IRL, which was just awesome! After we found the port-a-potties and kettle korn, we made our way towards the stage. There were a bunch of rows made of hay bales to sit on and we found a prime location. But then we noticed that people were milling around the 2 bale high wall in front of the stage. Hell ya we relocated up there! 5 feet from one of our favorite bands! See...

the clarks
that's the bale we stood behind!

The concert itself - just awesome!

the clarks

The woman behind us, not so awesome.

She appeared about halfway through the show and was so close to us I could feel her breathing down my neck. There weren't that many people by the stage, she could have given us some breathing room. And the way she was dancing, I think she was trying to dance with us.

To make matters worse, her hand kept brushing our asses. After the fifth time hitting mine,a little too low for my comfort level mind you, I blew! Maybe it was pent up anger from the other night, but she needed to quit fucking touching my ass. And I told her just that.

She apologized and backed off. But here's my thing - if I'm dancing and accidentally bump into someone, especially their ass, I will move so I won't do it again.

the clarks

We left as soon as the music was done and watched the fireworks as we walked back to the car. All downhill this time thankfully! Another thing to be thankful for is our sense of humor. Those roads were dark and windy with no street lights. Not somewhere I'd want to drive alone! I guess that's what I get when I refuse to take the most direct route!

Hopefully soon we can have another girls night out that's just as fun.

Oh hell, any time we go out it's fun. Even those midnight trips to Wal-Mart!

How was your weekend?

*lyrics from Cigarette, by the Clarks*


Shell said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Love that you told her to get off your butt!

Kmama said...

Sounds like a great time!

I've been known to "accidentally" throw some elbows and run into people when they are too close to me. ;-)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I also got to visit with my sister from another mister. Good times.

Tracie said...

Sounds like you had fun! I had a boring weekend. *yawn*

Jennifer said...

Call me a redneck if you want, but I like browsing around Walmart. :) Sounds like you had a good time! Stopping by from FF weekend comment club.

SupahMommy said...