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Monday Minute

Hosted by Ian @ The Daily Dose of Reality
Co-hosted this week by Kendra @ Baby Bits

What was your "oh no, I'm turning into my Mom/Dad" moment?

The first time I told my daughter that she better quit slamming her bedroom door before I take it off. My Dad used to say that to me all the time!

What current commercial do you find the most annoying/funny?
Most annoying - It's not so much annoying as it is creepy. The Soul commercials really bother me. I almost expect to see a big ass hamster driving those things when I'm out on the road!

Funniest - hands down the Geico/Deadliest Catch commercial. The specific one I love is where Capt. Andy takes the binoculars off his face and has 2 big black circles around his eyes. Then it cuts to the Gieco money sitting next to a can of shoe polish. I think the real reason I like that commercial is because I'm a die hard Deadliest Catch fan!

If you could only eat one color food for the rest of your life what would it be?
I love food, but if I had to pick 1 color, it would have to be red. After much thinking I've realized that a lot of my favorite foods are red - crab legs, lasagna, strawberries, watermelon...

Mmmm, now I'm hungry! Special K Red Berry, here I come!

What is your current Facebook/Myspace/Twitter status?
Facebook - "I downloaded The Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. My kids are acting like they're new games. I feel old, but at least they bring back good memories!"

Myspace - not a clue! I haven't been on there in forever!

Twitter - not sure. It's either the same as my Facebook status or something about football. I was quite excited about watching a game last night, even though I don't like either team that played!

F, Marry, Kill from this list below. Women pick from the men, men pick from the women.
  • Regis Philbin, Justin Bieber, Perez Hilton
For the record, I think this is a stupid question, but not answering it is kinda of like cheating. If I had to choose, I would F Justin Beiber. I don't know much about this kid other than I am sick of hearing his name all the friggin time!

Marry - Regis Philbin. He can be a funny man and I like a sense of humor. Plus I'm sure he has more money than me. I want in on that!

Kill - Perez Hilton. Annoying. That's all I have to say about that!


Kmama said...

I think everyone has the same answers for the last one!!

Babes Mami said...

The Trail! I had forgotten about it, now I must have it!

Andrea said...

I love special k red berry!