Mount Washmore

This is not my mom blog, but being a mom is something I can't escape. I try to blog over here about my life outside of that role, but some things just follow me where ever I go.

Like laundry.

Dammit! I just can't seem to avoid it. I've tried and tried. No matter what I seem to do, the people around here just keep wearing clothes and getting them dirty. What the hell?!?

I will admit there are days where becoming nudists sounds quite appealing! I'm sure the boys would get a kick out of that!

These past 2 weeks have been pure hell when it comes to laundry. It's like the clothes are coming out of the woodwork! Why you ask? Well, let me explain.

Twice a year I participate in a resale event. The mom in me wants to get the old and too small stuff the hell out of the house. The greedy, not always mature side of me wants the money! I have to do the responsible thing and make sure everything is clean before I try to sell it. What really sucks about that is that it pushes everything else on the back burner.

Kids consignment

That up there? That's most of the stuff that's been washed, sorted, and entered online to be sold. What I'm not showing you are the overflowing laundry baskets upstairs. The garbage bag sitting in my upstairs hall full of winter clothes. I have no where to put them because I need the bin to transport stuff from the house to the sale. This bag is sitting next to another garbage bag of stuff that needs donated. I've just been too damn busy Facebooking to make a pick-up appointment.

Trying to keep up with the dishes and other parts of the house, not to mention entertaining the midgets, has been near impossible!

So much shit to do and not enough time. Isn't that always the case? Now you'll have to excuse me, I have a mountain to climb.

Or maybe I'll watch the news. The big Paul McCartney concert is the lead story. Since tickets were expensive as all hell we couldn't fit it into our busy schedules, I'll just drool over the tv.


Kmama said...

Laundry never ceases at our house too. And because we're finishing our basement and don't want to take anything down there to store, I have a ton of the boys' clothes that are too small for them in my guest bedroom. Piles of clothes everywhere. Ugh.

Elizabeth said...

You are a funny gal! And from the 'burgh! I'm a mommy, wife and writer in Pgh who's found so many great mommy blogs that I decided to post a fictional story as a blog "to get my voice out there." It's a fun, familiar and times dark and steamy tale of a mommy-wife like us who ventures down a path most can't, won't or don't but many dream about. Hope you will take a peek!

Will be back to peek at you!