What happens when I'm sleep deprived

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It's been a long week and I am seriously sleep deprived. When I don't get my sleep, leave me alone I'm a tad bitchy. So I'm taking my bitchiness out on others because it's my blog and I can.

~Fuck you creepy guy across the street. I admit I don't know the guy and I'm not always the best judge of character, but I get a creepy vibe from him. If I was his neighbor - tall, skinny blonde who wore teeny clothes, I would not want an old man talking to me. He should just stick to doing stuff for his "trophy" girlfriend.

I use "trophy" loosely because he may be the only one who sees her as a trophy. If I can see your make-up from my living room across the street, you may not fall into that category!

Mimi and make-up

~Fuck you to politics! Again I need to admit to something. I am politically challenged. Politics bore me to death so I don't follow all that close. But I did happen to catch Obama's unnecessarily long, stumble over his words little speech on Facebook yesterday. The description was something about our economy slowly, but surely improving. I was so confused! One of the stories on MSN was how weekly jobless claims are at a 9 month high. How the hell is that improvement?!?

I skimmed the speech. Not only do politics bore the hell out of me, but I don't have an hour of free time. Ever! Maybe I missed the point, but this speech seemed to be about what we need to do and what is proposed.

Fuck this proposing crap. Just Nike it! If you're going to talk the talk, then please, start to walk the walk!

~And finally, a big fat fuck you to procrastination! I need you to move on out of here so motivation can move in. I have deadlines and you surely aren't helping!

Now if you'll excuse me, I do have a deadline to meet if I have any shot at making some money! It probably won't be much, but any little bit counts, right?

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Babes Mami said...

That guys sounds really creepy!

Kmama said...

Why are you posting pictures of me on the internet? ;-) I was Mimi for Halloween last year.

A huge FAWK YOU to my fawking phone. I am so annoyed with it right now.

Anonymous said...

I say if you get a creepy vibe-there's a reason!

(LOVE the background here by the way!)

Politics put me to sleep too. You probably missed the point because there wasn't one. ;)

Just Nike it...I dig!

Kimberly said...

Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
All the best,


The Mommyologist said...

You crack me up!!!! I LOVED this post. :)

Mommyfriend Lori said...

I just heart you. It's not fair that you get to be so awesome.