Who thinks this is funny?!

I'm at a pool party with my kids, hiding in my jeans and a jacket. It was cold!

9pm my phone pings - I have a message.

The message, from a number I didn't recognize, mind you - help stuck at a concert with your mother. need a flashlight

Um, what? Naturally I sent a message back asking who it was, but then I started thinking.

Is my mom ok?

Was she in fact at a concert in the park but something happened? Something where she couldn't get to her phone and had someone else get in touch with me?

Panic starts to set in. I call her and it goes straight to voicemail. Shortly after I get a text back saying it was Mike's bff with the red truck. Ok, buddy, that doesn't narrow it down! I sent another message telling whoever it was that I think they were texting the wrong person. The reply I got from that? help evonne

Woah! You know me but won't give me your name? Now I'm really freaking out! The husband looks up the phone number just as I get a message saying who was texting me. I did know who it was. It was my mom's boyfriend. My heart is pounding out of my chest and my hands are shaking. Hole shit! Something happened to my mom and her boyfriend is trying to get a hold of me. I called him to find out what was going on.

Apparently him and my mom were indeed at a concert in the park, but they were calling me from the bar. From the sound of it, they had quite a few by that point. At the concert, they were sitting behind some kids. Those kids make them think of my own kids and how they would probably get along.

How the fuck is that related to the message you felt you needed to send me? And why the fuck do you have my cell number, mister man?!? I was worried sick, you bastard! Worried sick as in I was ready to jump in the car and start driving to where this concert was. Ready to call the cops because I thought someone was seriously hurt.

I've been to these concerts before and know damn well there are cops and EMS there, but when one receives text messages asking for help, rational thinking goes out the window.

My mom finally calls me from her phone. Damn straight I rejected that call. I listened to her message saying everything was fine. Her guy was just sending texts. She would talk to me tomorrow.

Oh hell no! That shit wasn't funny! She's out of her fucking mind if she thinks I'm returning her phone call. This is by far not the first time something has happened as a result of her relationship. She has blown me off, she has blown my kids off... I'm done. Fucking done! She's delusional if she thinks this "relationship" is actually going to lead to anything significant. And when she realizes this, she'll also realize that she hurt a lot of people along the way.


Andrea said...

That is ridiculous, borderline cruel, that her bf is texting random stuff to you. It sounds like you and your mom do not have much of a relationship anyway, and it seems she probably isnt thinking twice about how she and her bf's actions are affecting you.

Christy said...

That is cruel. I have to say it goes beyond cruel.

Tracie said...

That's terrible! Why would anyone do something like that?

Sandy said...

Not funny, I would have called her and told her to stop letting her bf text you.

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Kmama said...

Not funny at all! Sounds like they weren't using their heads at all.

My name is Momma said...

Not cool at all...