Looking at you through the glass

Looking at you through the glass

Wondering what will become of you
Will you be loved?
Will you be happy?

Will you know?
Will there be resent?

Looking at you through the glass I wonder
Am I making the right decision?
I have loved you since the beginning
I will love you to the end.
That I know for sure

Time has passed and so have our paths.
I see into your world
and you into mine.
You know the truth
but do you understand?

I could not give you want you wanted
To stay would have been selfish
I have moved on
But the guilt that comes with that
can be overwhelming

My story must be shared
with others who have a connection
But they lack an understanding

I know now that you are loved
You are happy
and have so many opportunities
that I could not provide

Looking at you through the glass
I know my decision was the right one

Only time will tell
if anyone truly understands
the decisions that were made.

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Kmama said...

I have an idea of what this is about. I'm assuming there will be more to come...when you're ready?