I could never be a therapist and I may have OCD!

These revelations came to me last night as I was watching the OCD Project on VH1. I admit that I watch Intervention, Hoarders, and the like. They're like a car crash - you just have to look! So I figured this show might be interesting.

I only watched 2 episodes last night so I don't know the whole story behind each patient, but here what I do know. Arine has a fear of contracting diseases (HIV?) if she touches dirty things. In order to try and overcome this fear, she must face it by doing things like shaking hands and sticking her finger in a puddle of God knows what in a gutter. I'm not sure on the shaking hands thing, but the puddle... that's gross. I don't care who you are!

But what really got me was the toilet.

Arine had to spend some quality time with her mom and a therapist joined them on their excursion. Their destination - going out for tea and scones. It sounds like a lovely time to me, but here's the kicker... Arine couldn't start to eat her scone until it was contaminated.

They could have just dropped it on the floor or something, but no, they had to take their food into the bathroom! The scones were then rubbed all over the toilet seat! Then they returned tot he table and she was ok with eating them because she was now removed from the nasty situation. Really?!? Because Arine felt "removed" the returned tot he bathroom and proceeded to rub their scones on the inside of the toilet! What. the. fuck?!?!? As they were doing this, Arine's mom pointed out the dried pee inside the bowl! And then the therapist accidentally dropped her scone in the blue water in the bowl! And if that's not gross enough, they ate the fucking scone that was in the water!!!

In understand facing your fears by doing something extreme so the everyday stuff won't seem so bad, but you have go to be fucking kidding me!!! I don't even want to think about the nasties inside a toilet! I won't touch anything that falls into my toilet at home that I know I clean, let alone in a public uni-sex bathroom!

Maybe I'm a little OCD, too!!!

There's another girl on there who is obsessed with being clean. Someone took her laundry out of the dryer and put it into her basket. She freaked out because someone touched her stuff and it was not dirtier than before she washed it. I must say her fit was rather impressive. She put my son's fits to shame. He's 4 and can throw some pretty good ones.

As I'm watching this I'm screaming at her from my couch to "Shut up and just deal with it!!!".

And that is why I could never be a therapist. I don't do well with bullshit!


Kmama said...

WTF? Scones in the toilet? That can't be healthy. I imagine there has to be much more, healthy ways to help that person out. I am so disgusted now.

Shell said...

Rubbing them on the toilet seat????? That's nasty!!!!

Helene said...

Okay, rubbing the scones on a dirty toilet seat is nothing short of disgusting!!! That's a bit extreme...I can't believe she still ate it!!!

YOu'd actually make a great therapist, yelling at people and telling them to get over it! Sometimes that's what people need to hear to get them on the straight and narrow!!!