Quit Bugging Me

I have this post up in my head. I've been mentally working on it for a few days now. I really want to post it, but I am just too tired to try and write anything that really comes from my heart. Instead I'll bitch about my stupid neighbor and the ants.

I don't know what my deal was Sunday night, but I couldn't fall asleep to save my life! I was tired, I could feel it. I just couldn't get comfy. I laid in every position known to man! I finally fell asleep around 1am. Knowing my alarms (yes, more than 1) would go off in 4 hours, I knew Monday would be a rough day.

Around 2am, my neighbor came home. We live in a duplex so there's great potential to hear every single move one makes. Now this neighbor has his work car and his personal vehicle. His personal vehicle is this monster of a truck. Why do the short men always drive the biggest things?!?

Back to me point... like us, they have a parking pad in front of their house along with a driveway. For some reason he likes to park the truck in the parking pad and the car in the driveway. Since that was not the location of said vehicles when he came home at 2am, he felt the need to switch the cars around. I have no idea what he hit, but I do know it wasn't our car. I hear a huge bang and wham! Awake was me! Again I have to go through yet another 1/2 hour of tossing and turning to get comfy and fall back asleep.

Yes Monday sucked!

But wait, it gets worse!

My only goal for the day was cleaning out the kids' Duplo table. Someone broke the top of it in a fit of rage (not me) and I finally convinced the little people to let me throw it out. But first I needed to sort through whatever crap they threw in the side pockets other than the Duplos. Which they are too old for anyway!!

I get the piece of crap table all cleaned out and just when I'm ready to vacuum, I see movement from the corner of my eye. Ants! Mother effing ants!!! Why am I so pissed about this? I'll tell you.

They have already been spotted in the kitchen around the back door. Not a lot, but you know when there's 1, more will come. Kind of like "if you build it they will come", although I don't what exactly I built! So we caulked the hole we thought they may be coming from. Ok, hot glue is more like it, but it's close enough. I bought ant spray and sprayed the shit out of the the doorway and surrounding walls. After the kids were asleep of course. Safety first!

A week later the bastards were milling around the front door and the closet in the teeny tiny hallway by the front door. I pulled out the vacuum, sucked those buggers up and then proceeded to spray the crap out of that door.

And now they're coming in the side window?!? Do we have ant crack in this house that I don't know about? Are they coming here for their fix?!?

Again, I killed them and I also Mr. Cleaned the window sill and surrounding walls. I spray the outside of the window, but I wasn't comfortable spraying the inside of the house on that part of the room. The kids play by that window all the time.

Each time there's not a lot of ants. A dozen or so, maybe less. But still... they are NOT welcome here!!! So help me God, this is a war I WILL win!

By the way, I tweeted about my frustration over these pesky things and this is the response I get...

Are you ashamed by ants invading your home?
Check out this page.

Go ahead, click the link. I think it's rather funny. If you don't want to, here's the gist of it.

An at home solution to getting rid of ants - Mix Borax, sugar and water in a little container with some holes poked in it. It will kill the ants, but make sure you keep it away from pets because its poisonous.

Hello! I mentioned my kids in my tweet. If it's not safe for pets, it surely isn't safe for kids. I would rather spray some areas and have them out of the house for a bit then leave traps like this throughout my house. My son is 4. Do you know what 4 year olds get into when they think no one is looking? Everything!!! Thanks, but no thanks!

As a side note, I have not seen anymore ants in the house. That's a good thing because my kids are about to learn some not so nice words if I see those fuckers again!



Kmama said...

We get ants this time of year every single year. We put out some of those little black traps a couple years ago and one of my dogs ATE IT. I was out of town and my hubby was in a panic. She ended up fine. Phew.

Sorry about your neighbor. I have the loudest, most inconsiderate neighbors ever.

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

There is a GREAT ant killer called Terro (I think). Again, might not help cause you have to keep it away from kids. But I put it in closets and kitchen cupboards and it seemed to do the trick.

Shell said...

I HATE those spam tweets. Drives me nuts!

SupahMommy said...

Mix some baking soda and water into s pretty thick paste/// seall all your cracks/ baseboards with it. anywhere they're coming in. it'll work.


fucking hate ants

we get them every spring by the doors etc.

seal that shit up with the paste- it'll work.

almost like a caulk... i think they eat it an blow up back at the nest
and it's safe for kids/

my gram taught me when i was in college and had big ones in my room in the sorority house.... it totally worked then too.