I Feel So Sexy


You can read about our trip to the amusement park over at All You Need is Love.

SupahMommy put the post-it link up early, so if you're reading this Monday night, just wait til the morning, k? Thanks!


Please save the sunscreen lectures.
I bathed in that crap before we left!


Again, save the lecture!

I reapplied so many times I'm surprised we have any left!



Finally, I get my son to go in the big pool voluntarily and I come home looking like a freaking lobster! Thank goodness it's supposed to rain for a few days. I'll just throw on their suits and send them outside.

Seriously, where's my damn aloe?!?!

While I go look for it, go check out


Lee-Ann said...

Ouch! Hope it heals quickly! Stopping by from Supah's! :)

Rossel said...

it must be a serious sunburn. hope you'll get your color back real soon.

Marvelous Mommy said...

Sunburn sucks!! Hope you get better soon!

Casey said...

ouch, I hope your sunburn gets better soon

Kmama said...

Did you know that sunscreen can expire? I buy new every single year because of that. I've been burned. Literally.

cfoxes33 said...

Been there, done that!

Adoption of Jane said...

Ouch! But glad you had fun!!!!

jayayceeblog said...

Living in Phoenix, one of the best tricks we've found for sunburn is keeping a bottle of aloe vera gel in the refrigerator. It is soothing and healing on a sunburn (or cooking burn). Actually, playing in swimsuits in the rain sounds like fun! =)

Anonymous said...

sunburns are the worst...hate them ;)

Carrie said...

I just wish we HAD some sun...hope you don't peel too bad.

Visiting from PINT

Terry said...

Stopping by from Supah's....sunburn sucks!! I hope you're done peeling!