I'm So Excited

The husband has a new job!!!

That means there's a good chance I will get him back!

He has worked so hard for so long, but the past few weeks... well, I wasn't sure how much more I could take!

No I wouldn't walk out. I already said the other day that I take my marriage vows seriously. What I was ready to do was stop biting my tongue. Let me back up and explain.

The husband is a DBA (data base analyst). He holds the senior position and with that comes being on-call 24 hours. If something breaks at the office, his phone goes crazy and he has to get on his computer to try and fix it. Luckily issues like this could be done from home. Unfortunately those issues sometimes came in the middle of the night. When something broke it had to be fixed ASAP. Quite often work would take away from family time, but he would try to find other ways to make it up to all of us.

A few weeks ago the big boss created a new position. One that the husband drooled over, so naturally he took him up on the challenge. The interview process was making a web page. I'm not sure what the requirements were but I know specific elements had to be included. The time frame was 3 weeks so the husband was working around the clock. Literally. Monday was the deadline and Sunday he pulled damn close to an all nighter.

I felt bad he had all this extra work and I did my best to occupy the kids so he could work in peace. But at the same time, I felt like a single mom. Here I was taking one to school and doing all the at-home stuff with the other one in tow. We would pick the husband up from work and as soon as we were home he was off to work. So there I was, making dinner, helping with homework, trying to load the dishwasher, and Lord knows what other miscellany chore. But the point is, it was me. Just me doing all that stuff.

Hopefully all of this will change, or at least calm down a bit. I know he'll still work at home because he almost always has a side project or 2 going on, but hopefully after the kids go to bed we can lay on the couch, and you know...

Watch crappy tv! What the hell were you thinking?!? Get your mind out of the gutter!

If you have something to get off your chest, go check out Shell and link up with Pour Your Heart Out.


Kmama said...

Congrats to him and you. That's awesome!!

Shell said...

Congrats to him!

My dh has a job where he has to travel a lot and work late hours. And I hate it. But, his is a commission-based job, so I suck it up and deal.

I have hopes that some day, he will be asked to run one of the offices and just have a regular 8-5 desk job.

Thanks for linking up!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

COngrats to hubby! And to you! I hate when hubby has those crazy-@$$ hours. Glad yours is returning to some normalcy!

Anti-Supermom said...

Congrats to you both! I love reading people 'pour their hearts out' - I think it keeps the true reason for blogging.

Amy said...

Thanks for having me come over to your new blog.. I wish your husband the best of luck.. Have an amazing night.