Vampire, Buzzes, and Woodies

I'm sparkling!

Mainly because I've been nominated for Prom Queen by the Mommyologist (please vote for me!). But the other reason is because I thought I would be all cute and use the fancy lotion.

The lotion with glitter in it.

It was Friday that I put the glitter on. It is now Tuesday. I have taken numerous showers over the weekend and the glitter is still there!!!

Since I'm all sparkly, does that mean I'm turning into a vampire or something? Doesn't one of the Twilight people sparkle? I'm not a Twilight fan. It's just what I've heard.

Speaking of Twilight... check this shit out!

I stopped at Burger King the other night for dinner.

It was hot, I was lazy, and I didn't want to cook. I know it's not healthy. Back off!!

As I'm waiting in the drive thru line I'm checking out the ads on the menus. I see Twilight, hoping beyond hope that its just a promo and not a toy in the kids meals. Maybe a game or some collectible glasses or something. With lead, like McDonald's!

I get home to discover this in the kids bags...


A friggin rubber Twilight charm bracelet! The rubber smells funky and feels like jelly bracelets or jelly shoes. Please tell me you know what those are? At least pretend!

And what the hell is that brown thing supposed to be?!?

Now I realize that there's a lot of Twilight fans out there. I am not mocking you. I'm just saying I have no desire what so ever to see the movies or read the books. I also don't think it's a movie I want my 8 year old daughter to see. From what I understand, there's no sex, just maybe a kiss or 2. Nothing wildly inappropriate. But that doesn't make it a kids movie. Therefore items related to the movie should not be in a kids meal from a fast food joint!

What the hell Burger King?!?

And further more, what the hell is my 4 year old son supposed to do with it?!? His dad was anything but happy seeing his son parade around with a vampire bracelet!

Isn't Toy Story 3 out? Can't we get some Buzzes and Woodies up in here?!

Great! Now my rant sounds like porn!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Haha.. the brown thing is a wolf that Jacob carved for Bella, the other is supposed to be a big ass diamond that Edward gave her.
And you're right, not child appropriate, Bella's a freakin horndog and forever trying to get Edward to take advantage of her.

And yes, the vampires sparkle in sunlight.

Andrea said...

LOL you rant does sound questionable!! LOL LOL... anyway, I am not a fan either, but I think the brown thing looks like a wolf... PS sucking people's blood is never child friendly! Inappropriate, BK!