I'm not in a padded room

People in the real world are constantly commenting on how busy I am. Quite often they are amazed by how much I can do. I do try to stay involved, but I really don't understand how they think I am so busy. I usually look at them as if they are the busy one.

Sometimes they are no more than a mom of 5. I guess I really shouldn't say "no more than" because a mom of 5 is a busy lady. I used to work with kids so I know what it feels like to be surrounded by a gaggle of kids. Other times they are the president of this, on the committee for that, and the coach for this sport.

To me, those are busy people. What I do? I'm involved, but I'm not "Oh my god I'm going to pull my hair out" busy. With the exception of one week per month. Especially now that soccer has started.

I'll give you the low down on what I do, including my crazy week. You can give me your thoughts on my life.

Girl Scout leader - once a week meetings for 90 minutes, every other week. I also have 2 hour leader meetings once a month

PTA member - one hour meetings once a month. I help with school functions when I can (dances, the annual Bingo), but the usual set up for those events is after school when I have to get the husband from work.

Soccer mom - Two nights of a 1 hour practice and 2 hours allotted for games on the weekends. Just so you know, this is the one and only time I will call myself that!!! And no, we do not own a minivan!

I also decorate 2 bulletin boards in the hallways at the kids' school. I do this around holidays or a change in seasons. Which reminds me, I have to do one of them by the end of the week. I don't think the cafeteria ladies want to look at snowmen anymore!

I volunteer in my son's classroom for things like parties, usually around the holidays. I d not volunteer in my daughter's classroom. The reasoning for that is a whole bitchy post in itself. It's probably better not to ask.

My crazy weeks, which I happen to be in the middle of as I type go like this.....
Monday - soccer
Tuesday - soccer
Wednesday - leader meeting
Thursday - Scout meeting
Friday - usually nothing, but this week I have to take the boy shoe shopping (send help)
Saturday - 2 soccer games, which of course are not back-to-back

If every week was a crazy week, chances are I would be sitting in a room with padded walls. And I don't think you would be reading these words. They probably don't let "those" people have computers. And definitely not internet access!

What do you think? Do I have a lot of my plate?


Oka said...

Well you didn't add in the normal house cleaning, taxi driver, nurse, etc. Yes, I think you are somewhat busy, but not insanely.

I am treated like I am way to busy all the time. I don't volunteer at school yet. Waiting to not have to pay for a babysitting to volunteer (my youngest in 1st grade).

My spring weeks go something like this:
I transport youngest to/from preschool M-Th
I babysit my nephew M-F 7:20-4:45
I babysit twins after school M-F
GW has after-school sport up to 2x week (I did manage to work out a carpool w/ another fam)
Soccer practice T, We, TH, Sat for GW (8 games and 2 tournaments sneak in and take out practice throughout the season)
Soccer games for Baby Girl Tu/Th and Sat
Awana for Baby Girl and Bubby on Wed.
Church on Sunday 9am -12:30p

Many people flip out over my schedule, but for the most part it's not overwhelming. In fact, the only time I feel overwhelmed is when I need to be in 3-4 locations at the same time (which isn't too often).

Kmama said...

I would say that if you're happy with what you're doing, then that's all that matters. It sounds like you keep yourself busy, but not crazy busy, which is good!

Brandy@YDK said...

you sound busy but i think most moms are if they are involved. i think it will mean a lot to your kids as the grow that your were involved with activities and their lives.

KLZ said...

I think a lot of it is just perspective. Sometimes if you spend a lot of time worrying about what you have to do, that worry becomes like it's own task. Then you're busy. It's easier to be busy when you're not stressed about the stuff.

Babes Mami said...

I would say you sound like a committed and involved momma! As long as you don't feel overwhelmed then you aren't!