Beauty comes with a price

I'm not exactly sure who set the standards for us women. Maybe it was a man. Maybe it was the media. Probably a little of both. Whoever it was, sometimes I want to punch them in their face.

Instead of being accepted for who we are, we must subject ourselves to torture. Sometimes we dress to impress only to make ourselves feel good, and we should feel good about ourselves. Other times it's to impress someone else.

I've been doing some thinking about the things us women do to make ourselves beautiful. Almost everything on my list comes with a price. That price is pain.

Shaving legsLet's start with shaving our legs. Don't tell me it's not painful. Have you ever had razor burn? Just as you turn in the shower to rinse the remaining shaving cream from your legs, you are met with the fires of hell from your toes to your hips. And don't tell me lotion makes it all better because it doesn't! And even if you are lucky enough to avoid the burn, the hot water will hit that one spot behind your knee where you cut yourself. Every. Single. Time. That also burns like hell!

Speaking of hair, let's move to our eyebrows. Tweezers were invented by the devil himself. Don't try to tell me that after plucking on a regular basis it doesn't hurt as much because that's lie. And have you ever plucked a chunk of skin instead of that one stray hair? You might as well just poke your eye out at that point!

Waxing hurts a 40 year old virginAnd while we're on the subject of hair, who in the hell invented wax and thought it was a good thing to use on any part of a woman's body?! If you have never waxed, now is not the time to start. Recently I thought I would experiment with this whole waxing thing. Quite frankly, plucking and shaving is time consuming and I am not a patient girl. I didn't really process the fact that any part of a woman's body that can be waxed contains some pretty sensitive skin. After I pulled that stupid waxed piece of plastic off, I made the connection pretty fast. It hurt like a bitch! I'm really surprised the paramedics weren't knocking on my door because my neighbors heard me screaming.

Now these annoyances are typically things that we do every day, or at the very least a few times a week. Shaving our legs in the winter is optional (right?). Any kind of facial hair? It's gotta go!

Other annoyances aren't every day occurrences. At least not for me. Things such as dressing up. If you work outside of the home and have to dress up everyday, god bless you. I don't think I could do it. I've yet to find a dressy outfit that's comfortable.

Pantyhose would be one of those things. I try to avoid them like the plague. That little red dress that you love so much? I don't care if you're big or little, tall or short, it never feels quite right. Even though you look like a MILF!


Last but not least, we can't forget about those awesome black, strappy shoes with the 4-inch, could poke someone's eye out heel.

High heel do me shoes
Within an hour of putting those sexy things on, your toes will be begging for mercy. Assuming you don't fall on your ass before that!

We are all beautiful and sexy ladies. I have no problems with doing things to enhance that beauty, but sometimes I wonder if pajama pants and unibrows are the way to go.


Oka said...

you will NEVER see this woman in 4 inch heels. NEVER

Kmama said...

I hate dressing up and I have to do so every single day. I hate, hate, hate it.

I'm so glad I've never tried any sort of waxing. I learned after having Buddy that my skin likes to come off with any sort of adhesive (when they took the bandages off my c-section scar, some skin came too), so I am avoiding the waxing. Could you imagine??

blueviolet said...

I really hate dressing up! I'm all about hanging around in jammies as much as possible.

Whenever I wear heels out, I always bring along a pair of flip flops for emergency pain relief.

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

I personally have less pain from waxing than tweezing. Granted, my eyebrows stay bright pink for an entire day . . . but at least I didn't poke myself in the eye with a tweezer? lol

I'm with you on shaving your legs. I push it off for as long as possible. This winter, I made the discovery that since Ben refuses to shave his face on a regular basis too, I can threaten to not shave until he does. It led to 2-3 weeks of furry bliss. lol

KLZ said...

This reminds me: I have to go buy pantyhose and tweezers for my MIL's birthday. ;)

Babes Mami said...

I sometimes wonder that myself, above the knee I have been major slacking and I don't even care...yet lol

Shell said...

I wish I could live in pajama pants! And waxing is evil! said...

Love this! I totally agree--hair removal and panty hose are both miserable.