Nothin but a number

In a lot of ways I think I'm like most women.

One of those ways is that I sometimes freak out over my age.

I admit that I'm still thrilled about this being in my 30s thing. I'm 32 and even though I don't always like it, I will own that number.


That's not the kind of freak out I mean! And it's not the 32 that I mean either! Oops! Let's try this...


I am still young, and sometimes that shows. Inside jokes that me and my sister-from-another-mister had when we were 15 are still funny. And to this day, we still get stupid and laugh at them like we are 15.

The husband and I had our babies when were young. We both have friends the same age as us who are just starting their families. Sometimes, this can make me feel older than I am. But at the same time, I can still run around with my kids. When their kids are 9 and they're 40, will they be able to run around like we can?

Even though my young, and sometimes childish behavior, can shine through, there are moments when you would think I'm much older than 32.

Those times would be when you find me on my couch and in my robe. A cup of hot tea sitting on the floor by my feet. A crochet hook in my right hand and yarn wrapped around the fingers of my left.

Now be honest. When you think of a woman in her bathrobe, crocheting, and drinking tea, you certainly don't picture her as a young 32 year old, do you? Probably not.

This has been my hobby for almost 2 years now and I must say, I am hooked. Pun intended!

You can call me old all you want when you find me in this state, but I love to create things such as

Crochet shawl crochet shawl




Crochet owl

If you want to see more things I've made, you can check them out on my other blog, here. Eventually, I'll add a link to this blog, but for now, I have a blanket to make.

Now where's my tea?!?



Oka said...

I know many younger people who are into knitting. I learned at a very young age how to, but it has been a long time since I have knitted. I am sure I have forgotten much.

Kmama said...

I often feel older than I am. Not so much the other way around. And we also have friends who are just starting their families and even just getting married.

Jules said...

32 is still super young! I had a really hard time turning 30, but 40 seemed to much easier. Now I am 3 years from 50 and I am having a hard time again. We had our children when we were really young and I am so glad we did. We have friends our age going through the things we did in our late 20s and I'm so happy we are able to do all the fun things with our grandchildren.

I love to crochet too....

Anonymous said...

We're still ever so youthful! I refuse to accept otherwise!

I SO want to learn to knit and/or crochet...My Aunt tried to teach me..and I just can't get it...Sigh.

You're doing awesome though!

Shell said...

I think there are advantages to having your kids young! Hubs and I are sort of in the middle.

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

I love to crochet! I never was able to figure out knitting though . . . apparently the two needle thing is just over my head lol

Lisa said...

You sound like me...only 13 years younger and a much better crocheter.

Now I'm off to get my tea.

Babes Mami said...

Those are adorable!