A Walk in the Rain

Spring Rain
I walk through the grass.

So bright and so green.

The soft blades tickle my toes.

I look up to the sky. The foreboding clouds swirl all around.

Rain begins to fall. Slowly at first. Big fat wet drops. They land on my toes, on my hair.

I look up and smile and hope for a rainbow. But alas, there isn't one to be found.

I long for the colors of red, gold, and green, but for now I'll take the rain to wash away my stress.

The drops cease as quick as they began, leaving me cool and refreshed.

The sun peeks through the darkness leaving trails in the sky.

All that is left of the storm is the scent it leaves behind. The smell of the brown earthy dirt that is under my feet. I breathe in deep and let out a sigh as I continue my walk.


Shell said...

I love a walk in the rain. Well, in the spring or summer. ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words and description.

The only flaw the last line, with a bit of repetition with the word "leaves" and "left".

I've experienced this exact moment many times and you captured it perfectly.

KLZ said...

The smell after a storm? That's peace.

Cheryl said...

Do we ever outgrow looking for rainbows? I sure hope not!