Red hair and vacuums

It's free therapy day over at Kmama's place. Life is never complete without some sarcastic thank you's!

Dear Mother Nature~ Thank you very much for the big disappointment. You gave quite a build up Tuesday causing the weathermen to declare thunderstorm, wind, and tornado warnings. Delivering with nothing but a steady rain all damn night? Not cool! Although you did grant me some pretty good photo ops. Check them out here!

ps. Don't take this the wrong way, Mother Nature. I still love you! My frustration at the moment does not mean you need to turn into a psycho bitch and dump a shit load of snow on us again come winter!

Dear expensive Dyson vacuum~ Thank you very much for breaking. Thankfully we didn't shell out the crazy amount of money to bring you in to this house, as you were a gift (thank you in-laws!), but not lasting a year before you fall apart? Again, not cool! Fortunately we can buy the parts and fix you ourselves, but I'm still not happy about the whole melting/stinking up my house thing!

Dear midgets~ Thank you very much for destroying any hope I had of having grandchildren (in the very distant future!!). The song you were singing last night made me very sympathetic, and down right worried, about any kids you may have. Again, in the VERY distant future!

By the way, the words of the song are not "Hit MY baby one more time".

And finally...

Dear school~ Thank you very much for red ribbon week, aka say no to drugs week. It has been really fun dressing my kids in certain colors or crazy outfits, but why did you have to do crazy hair day? Crazy hat day was just fine with me. I have a feeling the red hair spray will stain my son's head. I don't see a haircut for him any time in the near future! Unless he does it himself. Again. Maybe I should hide all the scissors. Again.


Shell said...

My son has had to dress up all this week, too! Though, he's been really conservative in what he will do b/c he says that kids will laugh at him if he dresses crazy.

Oka said...

We did red hair spray last Wednesday, it came out just fine(with two washing in same showering) :D

My parents have had luck with their Dyson, but not enough to convince me to get one. They don't have 6 kids in their house.

Kmama said...

That sucks about your vacuum! We have a Dyson and have never had a problem with it. I love it.

I laughed so hard at "Hit MY baby". That is hilarious.

Thanks for linking up!!

Brandy@YDK said...

we have a kirby and love it! it's almost 10 yrs old and works like a dream

that's so funny about the song.

Babes Mami said...

That's crazy your Dyson broke! They are supposed to be unbreakable!

I now fear for future grandchildren of yours lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd be pissed if our Dyson broke.

sara said...

Hit my baby....that seriously made me laugh out loud!!!