Ignorance is bliss


I can't emphasize that anymore than that. Basically because after making something bold, you can only increase the font so much. But anyway, it's been yet another long, long week. Why is it that both of my midgets are in school and I still don't have any time to do anything?

Anylackofsleep, it's been a long week. So naturally that means I have some things to dish out via

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To my crazy "aunt"~

Fawk you for calling my Grandma at 4 in the morning because you want to "start a new page" and "fix the relationship". In my opinion you've pulled you crazy shit 1 too many times to be able to fix anything. Not that there was really any relationship to begin with. We're only nice to you because you were married into this family (twice). And by the way, you didn't realize the time when you called? Bullshit! It was well past midnight in your little home in Texas-might-as-well-be-Mexico. Why would it be any different up here in Pennsylvania?

To my husband~

Fawk you for slacking! Yes, that may be harsh, but coming home from a stressful meeting and seeing the kids still glued to the tv instead of in bed? I was anything but happy! I almost don't want to go to the meeting next month. Sadly I kinda have to. Fawk you to that, too!

To my knee~

Fawk you! A year without pain was pure bliss. What the hell happened? And don't try to blame my new boots! I refuse... REFUSE to let the doctor stick you with another cortisone shot! In the long run, I suppose it did it's job. But almost passing out from the shot itself and then barely being able to walk for a month due to the pain from said shot is not my idea of a good time. And by the way, I didn't have any drugs while birthing my last 2 kids (not by choice, by the way) so I know damn well what true pain feels like.

And finally, to Google~

Fawk you and your search results! Maybe it's ignorance on my part, but I'm still blaming you, Google!

Purple monkey balls is one of the funniest things I've heard all day. I had every intention of finding some image to go along with it so I could include that awesome phrase in here. The last thing I expected to see was a ton of pictures of weed. Ignorance, maybe, but whatever. I'm still throwing purple monkey balls out there.

Wait, maybe I don't want to throw that stuff around? Whatever! Just go check out CB's Blog Stalk Friday. If you link up, please make sure you follow the rules. The last thing you want to do is piss off CB! Oh, and if you do link up, tell her that I sent you, k?

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Have a great weekend! Purple monkey balls and all!


Kristin @ Ellie-Town said...

I can't believe there were no purple monkey balls! Hope you have a great Friday anyway!

Shell said...

Purple monkey balls? LMAO

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

I wonder if purple monkey balls stain when they hit the walls? hrm ... :)

Christy said...

I never had any pain meds during childbirth either. There wasn't time. LOL!

Thanks for linking up today on Fawk You Friday!

Erin said...

omg, I've never been so glad to get to Friday before!!! and so sorry to hear about your knee. I can't imagine getting a shot in my knee. I had a flu shot yesterday and that was bad enough...feel better soon!