I have a pretty face


And sometimes that's all I have.

If looks could have gotten me through the end of last week, I would have been gold.

pretty faceOr maybe it's kick ass hair that gets me by.
Of course, sometimes I'm just
up shit creek without a paddle!

Let's start with my dumbass moment #1, shall we?

I met a few friends for breakfast last Wednesday. Since I had no where to be after, I decided to walk around the mall. A little voice told me to check my phone. So I did. 1 missed call. I look to see who called. It was the PTA president. I should have known better than to call her back, but my dumbass did.

There was a seminar for the teachers Thursday and Friday about a new bully prevention program. They wanted a parent representative there. I guess I was first on the list of suckers to call because I don't work and I don't have little ones at home. Makes me wish I did. Have a little one, that is!

I agreed to go. So Thursday and Friday I had to pleasure of sitting in the art room from 8:30-3. At first everything was extremely repetitive, and then someone decided to shut the lights off so we could watch a movie. I would like to call dumbass on whoever thought that was a good idea!

There's a lot of work that needs to go into implementing this program, but after that's done, this program should kick ass. Hmm... not sure if "kick ass" is a good term to use for an anti-bully program, but whatever!

And now for dumbass moment #2.

My midgets are in 3rd grade and Kindergarten. I only started getting involved in the school within the past year or so. That means that there are still a lot of staff that I haven't put a name to the face yet. And I'm horrible at names to begin with! If I had to guess, I would say it was a good 4 hours into the first day before I realized who the hell Bob was.

All the teachers kept talking about Bob - he said this or we have to ask him about that. Who the hell is Bob! Suddenly my dumbass self turned around to face the principal. That's when the light bulb got a little brighter. His name was Bob!

This is the kind of person they want on a committee? Oh Lord, help me! Or help them.

Now let's just hope I don't take the kids to school tomorrow and start calling all the teachers by their first names!

*Because of the length of this seminar, I have been really busy playing catch up around my house. I also haven't had time to read some of my favorite blogs. If you have a post that needs some love, feel free to leave me the link. I refuse to add anything to my schedule for the first half of the week. I pinky swear to read any links that are left here!*


Oka said...

I still have the young one at home. Instead, I get to bake for 80+ students and staff this week (this by far is one of my week sides).

Kmama said...

I completely understand being busy, so don't worry about that.

LOL at not knowing the principal's name. Thankfully, I'm really good with names!

Babes Mami said...

Busy bee! Kick those bullies ass! Or something.