How to make each post a dfferent color

Here I am, running late, turning my assignment in at the last moment. It was hard enough getting my own kids in a routine for school. Me? I've been out of school for quite some time. Getting back into the swing of things is not as easy as I thought.

What school am I tlking about? B2SB2B. What does that mean, yu ask? Back 2 School Back 2 Blogging. This "class" is hosted by KludgyMom.

Kludgy Mom

With my midgets being home over the summer, I let my blogs slip. This is just the motivation I needed to get back into it.

The first assignment was an 11-point inspection. I went through the checklist and cleaned up a few things, but like everything else in my life, there is still some more tweeking I could do. I'll get there!

The extra credit for the week was to find a widget/plug-in for my blog. To be more specific, find one that isn't very well known. Fidning something was not as easy as I had hoped. And quite frankly, I am just excited I got a more popular one to work! With some help, I finally added RSS so you can email subscribe to my little piece of the net. It's over there on the right ---->

Even though this assignment was harder than expected, that's not to say I came up empty handed. I bookmarked a page a while back with all kids of Blogger tips and tricks. I used it to help me install post dividers. I cruised around the site and came across this...

Each post in a different color or with a different background

How to make each post a different color

Obviously you can see that I haven't implemented this, but I think it's pretty cool. When would this come in handy?

► if you want to make a specific post stand-out (like a theme post)
► when you have multiple authors in a Blog, this is an easy way to unify the Post appearance according to each author
► this method can also be used just to highlight just the part of the Post
► and anything else you can think of......this can really break dullness of the regular Posts....

I am all about the appearance of a blog. Nice layouts and pretty colors definitely catch my attention. Like a deer in headlights! Unfortunately I can't figure out exactly what I want with the appearance of my blog, especially my button. I really would like a new one!

I am by no means a coding expert. I married one of those for times like this! But I have picked up some over the years. This website walks you through everything step by step. If sprucing up your posts is something you are interested, go check it out!

I know I'm going to play around with it!


Kmama said...

Cool!! That would definitely come in handy for blogs with multiple authors!

I've picked up some coding too, not that I wanted to, but because I've had to.

Kasey said...

That sounds like a neat idea. I'll have to bookmark that site! Thanks!

City Share said...

I haven't installed an option for people to email subscribe yet either. So far with this challenge I'm realizing how little I know (I guess that's the first step). That site sounds great.

Jean said...

I think your bloggy button is cute!
Visiting from Gigi's blog.

Liz said...

Blogger has upped their game for sure!

Life with Kaishon said...

I didn't know how to do that : ) Thanks for sharing. Welcome back to blogging. I hope you have a fun time this fall and winter getting back into it! It sure is fun, isn't it?

Gigi said...

That's a brilliant tool. Wish I had known about it when I was still on Blogger!

Jackie said...

That's kinda cool! I may have to do that!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! I must give it a whirl..thanks for the tip love!