How I got in the news

I was in the news!

And not for something bad! Or not something I did that was bad.

Like the other day when...

Men in uniform

Wait a minute! You can't get me to spill all the beans! This isn't about what I may or may not have done!

It's about this...

How I got in the news
That's a little snippet from the article. If you want to see the whole article, complete with a video, to prove I'm not bullshitting you, GO HERE.

Just don't blow my cover and start giving out all my personal info, k?

Public transportation has had some drastic cuts lately. It makes me thankful that I can stay at home with the midgets. Especially now that they're in school. Peace and quiet is truly a blessing!

When I was working, that public transportation is what got me to and from my job. It was absolutely necessary for me to work back then and if those bus routes were cut a few years ago, we would have been up shit creek without a paddle!

So how did I get in the news in the first place? While I was waiting for something I needed to finish drying in the dryer, I decided to do some Facebooking. One of the local news stations is on Facebook like white on rice! One of their recent status updates asked how these recent route cuts are effecting people. They asked that replies be emailed to the station.

I just had to give my 2 cents. If I had to take a bus anywhere now, it would be damn near impossible. But my main reason for emailing was to explain that I see a lot of people I used to ride with waiting at different stops. And cutting these routes overcrowds the buses even more than they already were in the first place.

So I emailed the station. Shortly after I receive a reply asking if I would be interested in a brief interview. After a few back and forth messages and a few phone calls, the news reporter will stop by my house around 2:15.

After the shock of getting myself in the news to begin with, the panic set in. I did a quick clean up in the living room in case he wanted to come in. Thank god for Febreeze and closets! And he could go no further than that room! Then I realized I was still in my sweat pants, hair pulled up in a sloppy mess, and no make-up. I refused to be one of *those* people on the news that looked like they just came from the pages of People of WalMart!

I spent 45 minutes getting myself and the living room prettied up only to have the reporter and his camera man here for 10 minutes. But it was worth it to see myself on tv!


Kmama said...

How cool!!

That's a shame that public transportation has been cut that much. We don't have much public transportation here in Michigan though.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

You iz totally a super stah now!

Ian said...

That was great dude. Way to make your voice heard and you looked great doing it!

Shell said...

That's very cool!