Grow up already, will ya?

I know I'm not alone in this.

Most people seem to have one.

Sometimes more than one.

What exactly am I referring to, you ask?

The crazy relative.

It seems no matter what you do or how hard you try to ignore them, they never go away.

My crazy relative is an "aunt". I use that term loosely because she's only an aunt by marriage and quite frankly, after the shit she has pulled, I'm hesitant to attach that title with her name.

She has married not 1, but 2 of my uncles, which is how she received her title of aunt. Her relationship with Uncle #2 has been anything but good. She is very controlling, verbally abusive, and rather selfish. My uncle decided to leave her, which is when our eyes were opened to her true personality and made us question what really happened with her marriage to Uncle #1. He decided to return and work on the marriage. None of us agree, but he's grown. He can do whatever he wants.

Communication by most of the family with her and my uncle has become almost non-existent, but she still tries to work her way back in. At one point she wrote a letter to my Grandma. This letter was very disrespectful and basically blamed her and other family members for their failing marriage. That sent my Grandma to tears and pissed off a lot of us. You do NOT disrespect my Grandma!!!

Since then, my aunt tries to sneak in phone calls to my mom when my uncle isn't home. My aunt wants my mom to pass messages along to my Grandma. Um... I don't think so, bitch! My mom doesn't like you anymore than the rest of us.

My Grandma has problems with her heart to begin with. That letter certainly didn't help and the continued attempts only add insult to injury. My mom telling my Grandma she has a message from crazy aunt days after she had a heart attack? I don't think so, honey!

*Yes, my Grandma had a heart attack last week. A small one and she's ok, but a heart attack is a heart attack. I'm not ready to blog about how I feel about that, but she is ok.*

I don't know why crazy aunt thinks my mom is on her side, because she sure as shit isn't! Wouldn't you think hanging up on a person repeatedly is a sure sign they don't like you? I do, but crazy aunt doesn't seem to get that.

The shit she pulls reminds me of when my BFF and I would get into fights. In the 6th grade! We would have a mutual friend deliver messages to the other. As an adult, that's not something you do!

I wish she would grow up and realize that we really don't give a flying fuck what she does. Heaven help her if she ever comes up here to visit. It may be a one way trip for her!


anymommy said...

Oh, man. Yes, we all have one. My mother says, "if you don't have a crazy relative, you are the crazy relative." So there you go, at least it's not you.

Kmama said...

Yeah, we certainly all do have crazy family members. And yes, I did purposely make that plural.

I hope your grandma is okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is horrible. I hope your grandma is okay too. What an awful person your "aunt" is. She better stay away. xoxo

blueviolet said...

I have five siblings, and like two of them a lot. One I tolerate, one I avoid, and one I will probably never talk to again. Family is a pain in the...

I'm sorry! (And I didn't know you had this blog before today. I've only been to the other one. Which one do you prefer people visit?)