Freak the freak out

Last week was absolutely crazy! One of my kids had a birthday. In this house, at least for the kids, birthdays are more than just a day. There's a party with just the four of us, little things throughout the week to celebrate, and finally a family party.

Lucky for me this whirlwind of celebration is followed by a vacation.

I won't be around much during the next week. Just because I'll have my computer with me doesn't mean I'll actually get the chance to use it. By the end of the day, I'll probably be too tired to form a coherent thought. Or I'll turn into a puddle of goo. I keep checking the weather for where we are going. According to the Weather Channel, we are traveling to Hell. Lovely!

I am so excited to go on a family vacation because it's been 6 years since we've done so. As excited as I am to go, I am starting to freak the freak out. Since it's been so long since we've gone on a proper vacation, the panic of forgetting to pack something is setting in.

What if I forget someone's toothbrush? What if I get a head ache and don't have any Tylenol? How many pairs of shoes should I pack?

Stupid things, but in my mind important. Add that to my mile long to-do list and I fear I may go insane before we even leave.

I know everything will work out and I know we all will have a wonderful time. I just have to keep reminding myself that.

I promise to come back next week with a full report as I try to play catch up.

Peace out!


Oka said...

I am so used to packing for 6 whenever we go somewhere (usually the grandparent's). So when I was heading to SC alone to see my mother in the hospital, I kept feeling like I was missing a ton of stuff. It's amazing how much easier it is to pack for one, and that one not be a child ;)

Oka said...

Have a nice vacation.

Kmama said...

Have a great time. I hope the weather cooperates for you.

KLZ said...

I actually feel like if they sold an emergency family vacation kit w Tylenol, bug spray, sunscreen, bandaids, etc it would be a huge seller and time saver.

Brittney said...

I kept checking the weather at our vacation place before we went too and it said it was going to rain and storm the whole time.. it didnt at all! Dont stress it if you forget a toothbrush you can stop and buy another one and shoes.. who needs shoes on vacation hahaha (ok maybe just me I never wear shoes)
have fun!

Babes Mami said...

We go on vacation end of this month and I am already worrying about packing and forgetting things!

Have a great time!

Helene said...

We just got back from our family vacation and it was a success! And I consider it a success mainly because none of the kids got lost while we were there and no one puked.

Have a great time!!!