Wants and needs

Everyone wants it

Everyone needs it

Some don't get enough

Some can't get enough

Slow and sweet

Like eating a popsicle

one lick at a time

Hot and heavy

Like a rich chocolate mocha

with whipped cream on top

Two people in love

Or strangers in a bar

Sometimes for a purpose

Sometimes just for fun

From your head to your toes

You can feel it

Everyone wants

Everyone needs

The pleasure that comes with it

The red dress club
Red Dress Club prompt ~ Let's talk about sex, baby.

Without actually writing about the act.

I don't know if I accomplished that, so please be kind with concrit.

But I do know I am in the mood for something like a dark chocolate mocha ;)


Kmama said...

I didn't actually get sex until you said it, but then went I went back and read it, it made a lot of sense!

Shell said...

Hot, girl!

Carrie said...

clever way to do the prompt. I really love this.

Great job!

Sara said...

I got this one right away!

I loved the sensory descriptions, for example,"slow and sweet, like eating a popsicle one lick at time." And then,"hot and heavy, like rich chocolate mocha.." Wow. Those are yummy, sexy lines:~)

Well done and fits the prompt perfectly!

erin margolin said...

I think you were spot on with the prompt! And what I loved most---was that you did it totally differently than most of the rest of us. It was effortless.

popsicle, MmMmMmmM!


Jessica Anne said...

I think this was a fantastic take on the prompt. I loved the playfulness of it. Also, it made me hungry. Whipped cream. Yum. :)

Galit Breen said...

Love! Seriously love!

As always I adore your phrasing and pace, the uniqueness of your take.

But the wording here? Is perfection!

Helene said...

I knew instantly what you were talking about...LOL!!! And I love the creative and descriptive way you did this prompt!

Maggie May said...

dark chocolate mocha, yes!

Nancy C said...

I loved the hot and heavy, slow and sweet. This sets a mood of slow seduction. So? You did your job. Quite well, I may add.

Yvonne said...

Really enjoyed it! Good job!