Can you smell that smell?

I've decided that I need to get in touch with a local news station. Surely someone is aware of when these days occur and the public needs to know about them.

Yesterday was asshole driver day. It would have been awesome if someone let me know about that ahead of time. If there wasn't an accident, than someone broke down. Both were causing all kids of crazy traffic.

On a side note, the accidents I passed were all minor.

If the situation wasn't one of the two mentioned, than it was some moron cutting me off or riding my ass. And those idiots who ride your ass, why do they always have to flash their lights? Switching lanes would be so much easier for all parties involved. Hopefully soon, someone will allow me to install headlights on the back of my car so I can lash them right back. The finger doesn't seem to do much to help the situation!

I think most people experience one, or all of those on a daily basis. Especially if you drive as much as I do. But yesterday was just ridiculous! But just when I thought I saw it all, I came across the asshole of all assholes!

I'm sitting at a red light in the middle of downtown when my car is suddenly filled with this weird and unpleasant odor. At first it reminded me of a skunk, but different. If that makes any sense. Then I thought maybe one of the midgets took their shoes off. Yes, their feet can kill! When they both asked what the smell was, I realized it wasn't them.

While trying to figure out what was going on, our light turned green. The car in front of us started to go, but almost turned onto the wrong side of the street. The driver quickly corrected himself and we proceeded to the same light. While sitting at that light, I could still smell something odd. Just before the light turned, I noticed the passenger of said car on front of us passing something to the driver.

All I'm saying is that I may not be as innocent as I look. I've done a few things in the past and I know what certain things look like. That was definitely NOT a cigarette being passed around that car!

Once I made the connection, it was not as easy as I thought explaining what that odor was to the kids without directly saying "They're smoking weed in the car in front us and the smell is drifting back to us".

Lucky for them, and hopefully everyone else n the road, they turned (illegally) before I could grab a pen. I'm not quick to call the cops, but I surely would have called for that!

Why do people have to turn into complete morons when they get behind the wheel?


Brittney said...

omg and its assholes like that who never seem to get pulled over yet we get pulled over for going 2.5 miles over the speed limit lol its crazy

Oka said...

I am having less tolerance for that crap. It annoys me to no end.

Shell said...

Wow, what idiots!

babesrockinmami said...

I wish I knew the answer!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes it must have been all assholes get out and drive day. 3 people tried to kill me yesterday!! I finally went home cause I was OUT of patience!