Party foul
Thank goodness for that! If that over there to the left wasn't true, than it would mean I didn't have a good time. Believe me, I did!

Tuesday night was my third annual trip to see Jimmy Buffett. We had a hell of a time over the past few weeks leading up to that night. In fact, last week I wasn't even sure if I still wanted to go.

The original plan was for the husband and I to go with my mom and her boyfriend. Two weeks ago the husband finally asked if my sister-from-another-mister would like to go instead. Too little too late - she couldn't get out of work. It would end up being the three of us going to the show with the hopes that we could sell the fourth ticket. I wasn't exactly thrilled. My mom is happy with her man, which makes me happy. But sometimes I don't always like him. I wasn't sure how this night would go. I am so glad I didn't do anything rash at the last minute, because we had an awesome time!

We arrived at the concert venue three hours early. The truck was barely in park when I started wondering what the liquor stash looked like. For once I didn't have to drive so I was more than happy to milk every minute of the tailgating experience!


Me and my mom
I swear it wasn't intentional
to cut the boyfriend out!

After much good food and too many some good drinks, we made our way in. After getting a good ole pat down, our tickets were scanned and I made a beeline for the port-a-potties. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do in order to avoid a 30 minute wait for an actual toilet!

When I made my way back over to my mom and her boyfriend, he presented us with t-shirts and a lovely green margarita in this rockin' cup...


smart girls never refuse a free drink!

that's my big, blue 4 quart container behind
to show you how tall that sucker is!

We worked our way up the hill, through a sea of people, to find the perfect spot for our blanket. At that point, it was more like the only spot! There was dancing and singing by everyone. I am so glad I decided to go!

First Niagara Pavilion

We were even treated to a pretty flashy light show. Courtesy of Mother Nature. Keep in mind I said we went UP the hill to find our spot. Mother Nature is usually a bitch to me, but she was nice enough to contain her wrath until the end of the show. As soon as the last song ended, the wind picked up and what were flashes of lightening were now streaks spanning the entire sky.

As we trucked it back to the truck, all uphill, we could hear Jimmy performing his encore. Part of me wishes we would have stayed just a few more minutes. The rest of me likes to be dry and not struck by lightening.

We have already talked about going for a fourth time next year. I will make sure to plan early so my sister-from-another-mister is guaranteed to join us. Although the way her and I get when we drink, we better make sure a designated driver is in our plans again! I might also want to add Tylenol to the plans. My pounding head woke me up entirely too early the morning after the concert.


Kmama said...

How fun!! We have friends that try to go to the Buffett concert every year.

Oka said...

bet it was a great concert

Sandra said...

Come on now, that pounding headache is totally worth the free drink and that great mug!

Shell said...

Looks like you had fun! The headache was probably worth it!