Love hurts

Love is you, love is me

Love makes the world go 'round

Love is all you need

But sometimes those we love, don't love us back. Such is the case with me.

This past weekend was glorious! The sun was shining. The temperature was right where I like it - in the 80s, pushing 90. Sunday I went to a picnic and was able to wear a sundress. I love my sundresses and seize any opportunity to wear one.

Yesterday was the hottest day of our 4-day weekend. I jumped for joy when I realized I could wear my favorite tank - a blue and green tie-dye. Even though it was hot as hell, I spent the majority of the day outside. I loaded the midgets up and took them to Rita's, we walked around a cemetery, visited the graves of my Pap and my Dad, and eventually ended up at the park.

I love the sun! Especially after the past 2 months which have been more rain than anything else. Last night I learned that even though I adore the sun, it does not love me. Actually, I suppose I should give the sun some credit. It only loves parts of me.

You see, if you were to look up "white girl" in the dictionary, you would see a big ole picture of me. That teensy bit of Irish floating around in my blood? It shows in my skin color. You think I would be smart enough to apply liberal amounts of sunscreen, but my infatuation with the sun at the beginning of the season is so great, that all that other important stuff slips my mind.

My feet are doing a happy jig because they're nice and tan. However, the left side of my body is wishing that I wouldn't forget the important things, like SPF 50.

Anyone have some aloe I can borrow?


Oka said...

I spent a good part of my day in the van yesterday...thankfully I thought to put sunscreen on the left side of my body.

After we got home, I was too drained to hang outside. Such a waste of a day really, but when you have had little sleep the last three nights...I couldn't afford to fall asleep outside.

jules said...

Oh no....

We haven't had enough of the hot stuff yet for a good old sunburn. I actually would love it...just a little one though.

Kmama said...

I burn to a crisp. We were at the beach for awhile on Sunday and I was out there maybe 30 minutes before putting sunscreen on. I have a nice burn.

And apparently, I screwed up the sunscreen on my right leg. The burn is all streaky and spotty. Lovely.

The Random Blogette said...

I am right there with ya! I really don't tan, I only burn. I am avoiding spending any prolonged amoutn of time outside. I know once I do I will get a nice crisp burn, no matter how much sunscreen I put on. I also forgot to put it on my son on Saturday. He was outside all day. Luckily he has his dad's skin so he doesn't burn, well except for the back of his neck. Oops!

Babes Mami said...

Chris turns brown in the smallest bit of sun, puerto rican pride! But I burn and burn and burn. I have this lotion from hawaiian tropic, it's after sun lotion with aloe, about 6 bucks at wal-mart. You might consider investing in that! Nate has my skincolor and judging by the bright red he turns when he runs around he has gotten my ability to burn as well.

Helene said...

I totally forget fact, I make sure to bring sunscreen for the kids and I get them all lathered up but I forget to put it on myself. So they end up all happy and relaxed and I end up sunburned.

KLZ said...

We buy sunscreen and aloe in equal amounts. Here - take mine.