I worry, even when I don't have to

A night out with friends. I am ready to go. I wave to my kids as we drive away.

I wonder what they will do while we are gone.

From the passenger window I watch the fields pass by as we head down the highway.

I wonder if my son is still watching the bulldozers digging up Grandma's street.

We stop at Subway for dinner. Five dollar footlongs for all!

I wonder if my kids are eating their pizza. It's not from our usual pizza shop.

We arrive at the concert site and quickly open our beers. We chat as we watch those around us stumble to the ground.

I worry about what my kids are doing. Are they fighting? Did someone fall? They are quite clumsy.

We make our way in to hear a favorite singer. The music is loud as we sing along.

I worry my kids are watching too much tv. Did they choose a show not allowed in our home?

The music is over. We find our way back to the car. Traffic was light in the direction we chose. The back roads are dark, but they have an advantage.

I worry that my kids are still awake. It is much past their bedtime, and they don't like the dark.

From the passenger window I watch the fields pass by as we head down the highway. The fields that were once covered in sun are now peppered with the gentle glow of fireflies.

I worry about my kids, but I know they are safe. They are surrounded by family and I by my friends. We will always be there to keep each other safe.

Pour Your Heart Out

*to answer the question as to what my kids chose to watch- let's just say my 5 year old now knows the theme song for Cops!*


Oka said...

I think any mother in her right mind worries when she is away. I refuse to believe I am part of a minority in this.

Kmama said...

I agree with Oka. I always think about/worry about my kids when we're gone.

oh, and my boys love COPS. I'm a bad, bad mom. ;-)

Mrs Gloves said...

I worry about those things as well. I hate not knowing if they are having a good time. I try not to let it ruin my good time but it's hard!

Tara R. said...

it never ends. Both of my kids are practically grown and I still worry about them If I can't be with them.

Mothers' Hideaway said...

I always think and worry about my kids when they're gone. I have a really hard time with letting go, but I'm forcing myself to learn that it's okay to be away from them. It's hard!

Shell said...

It's because you are a mom! It's what we do!

Charlene said...

Heck, I'm 39 and my mom still worries about me LOL....that's the way it should be!

KLZ said...

I agree. I think it's part of mothering. Not that it's fun.

Babes Mami said...

I'm a worrier too!

Adrienne said...

I worry too. I'm learning to release control more and more to God. He's the only one who knows all. It's hard though. Seperation is a big one for me too. I go into full on panic mode in just the same circumstance you described. Just getting out for a few hours can be hard. I loved the ending too! Cops? LOL

fashioneggpplant said...

i always worry about my daughter when i'm about but i try not to cause they say mom-baby esp is pretty strong so if you worry they get agitated too :)

Anil P said...

I suppose worry is second nature where it concerns those we love and cherish.