Get the hell out of Dodge

The boro where we live is rather small. Approximately one square mile. The side we live in is often thought of as the better half because the other end is closer to the city.

I'm not sure how much truth is in those thoughts, but I do like the side we live on better. We are within walking distance of the grocery store and more important, the coffee shop. Very little happens here in regards to the negative, which is how I like it. Although certain recent events have me reconsidering where we dwell.

Over the past 2 months, the police have visited the house across the street no less than 5 times. Almost every time I have been outside with the kids. I swear we really were playing and not spying! Being that we were outside, words were heard. Words such as PFA and custody. It's nothing major and certainly none of my business. I will say I am tired of seeing the police. Especially when I have a 5 year old who screams out the window , "Look, mom! The cops are at that house again". Nice, right?

It appears that things may have calmed down across the street, but now there's drama next door. An ambulance has visited them 3 times in the past week. It's nothing major from what I am told, and that's good. What worries me is the kind of people who might be living in that house.

At first they seemed quite nice - mother and daughter. We chit chatted a few times and one day the mother offers her daughter as a babysitter. "She loves kids". I am all over someone watching my kids so the husband and I can go out. Until...

A few days later I over hear the daughter talking loudly on her front porch about how high she was from some pills. Well, there goes the babysitting offer! Unless she has something to make my son sleep. Kidding! Maybe.

I have also overheard fights about alcohol and missing pills. These are the people my kids live right next door to. Seriously?! They are, for the most part, really nice people, and things could definitely be a lot worse, but still.

Now who has that money tree so we can go by ourselves a new house?


Oka said...

You will be amazed what you can find in almost every community. It just seems the higher the cost of homes, the more discreet the families try to be, that can be scary in itself though. They make you believe everything is great, but they have little secrets no one knows about. Secrets that could hurt your family or someone else.

Kmama said...

There is a family that lives a couple houses down from us. They had a teenage daughter (she's older now) and she offered to baby sit for Buddy. We took her up on it one time, but had to cancel because Buddy got the stomach bug. Anyway, I'm so glad we canceled because awhile later, I heard her screaming her head off at her mother. there is no way I would have someone like that watch my kids!

Babes Mami said...

Our neighbors are okay, the lady caddy corner from us just got a job at walmart so she's not drinking as much lmao