Mountains and Mole Hills

Something happened last week that really pissed me off. I have been known to make mountains out of mole hills in the past. Maybe that's what happened here. Or maybe I have every right to feel this way.

The situation~ Friday night. My girl's birthday. I'm making one of her favorite meals.

I love this recipe! Even though it's not all that hard to make, I think I can safely say that I have mastered it. But not mastered enough to figure out the math to cut the recipe in half.

To try and remedy the problem of having too much food for 3 people, I made a phone call. I called someone and asked if she would care to join us for dinner. Her response was that she couldn't get a hold of her people, therefor she didn't know what she was doing. She would run her errands, and if she didn't receive any word from her people, she would join us.

From my point of view, I felt like a last resort. Kind of like if you invite a bunch of people to a party and no one shows. One person feels bad and comes just to make you feel better. You welcome them, even though you know it's out of sympathy.

Anyway, I returned to making my meal. My noodles were boiling and the buffalo sauce was simmering. The last thing I wanted to do was burn something.

As I'm spooning the noodle saucy goodness into bowls, my phone rings. It's my person calling me back. She had talked to her boyfriend and they were going out.

I was pissed! But I chose not to argue because I had food ready to serve and kids who had to clean up so they could eat their food. I already felt like I was being pulled in six different directions. One more thing to deal with and I was going to blow!

Making a mountain out of a mole hill

Yet again, I feel cast aside by this person because of her boyfriend. I extended the invite. If she felt that there was a chance she would make other plans that night, all she had to say was she couldn't join us. It was a last minute invite and I would have understood.

If you were me, how would you feel?

How would you have reacted?

For the moment, I am leaving out exactly who this person is. Who she is may change things, but since this is not the first time she has blown me off for him, who she is may not matter.

I know that I can make mountains out of mole hills. If you think I am over-reacting, please say so. I won't be offended. I have my big girl panties on - I can take it!


Oka said...

I think it is hard to draw any conclusions, there is only information from one side. That said, I think you have a right to feel the way you feel. We all have a right to feel hurt by situations.

Kmama said...

I agree with you. If you don't think you want to or can, just say no. An unexpected call back saying yes is better than hearing no later.

Shell said...

I agree with Kmama. Say no first. Otherwise, it's hurtful.

Babes Mami said...

I agree with Kmama as well!

Brandy@YDK said...

I kinda get what your are saying. She could've handled it totally different. The way she handled it made it seem like you were the last resort.