Holidays suck

If you're looking for a holly jolly holiday post full of rainbows and unicorns, then you're in the wrong spot. The title of this post should have given that away.

So I'm sorry to disappoint if you're full of holiday cheer. Quite frankly, I am not. What started my Scrooginess were the people who put their Christmas crap out the day after Halloween. Really?! What the hell?! I don't care if the weather is nice. Eat your damn turkeys first people. Part of the "fun" of putting those stupid lights out is doing it in the cold!

Although I will point out that driving around my neighborhood can make you chuckle. A few blocks from me there's a house with a big ass inflatable snowman. Not only was I laughing my ass off at it because it was almost 80 degrees outside, but across the street is a house with an inflatable turkey. Right on, people! Turkeys first!

Thanksgiving dinner

Enough of my mindless gobble over the damn turkeys. Let's move onto another holiday. This holiday would be Hanukkah. Right here and now I would like to ask every single fucking retailer out there...

Where the hell is your Hanukkah stuff?!?

I'm not Jewish myself, but I do take notice of the lack of Hanukkah stuff. Every. Single. Year!

This year is a little different. A little more stressful. I have family coming in. This coming weekend to be exact. My cousin, her husband, and their new baby. I am beyond excited to see them and finally meet their sweetheart, but I am pulling my hair out over the whole event. That is not the way I want to get rid of the grey that's creeping in.

You see, my cousin is in fact Jewish. I thought it would be a good idea to get her and the baby something for Hanukkah while they were here. It's easier that way. I am too cheap to pay for shipping anyway. And the people at our post office? Assholes!

I have a feeling they do not need another menorah. Plates or napkin rings? Not very personal gifts. And that's about all I have to choose from.

Since I'm all crafty, I thought maybe I could make something. I think there were about as many patterns in my search results as there are gift choices in the stores. Thanks a lot Google!

So where exactly do Jewish people shop for Hanukkah? If I can't figure this out within the next 48 hours, it looks like generic winter themed ornaments are what they'll get.


Kmama said...

Interesting. I never really take notice of the lack of Hannukah stuff. I did see some stuff at Crate and Barrel once, but that's about it now that I think about it.

Good luck!

oh, and I'm always crabby around the holidays. I just have too much to do to enjoy it.

Erin said...

On my FB page, someone told me WalMart had a lot of stuff. My local Target had a pathetic selection (only one endcap of stuff).

What about cooking something for them that's Hanukkah-related while they are there? Target did have little wooden dreidels and chocolate gelt.

Do you have any temples/synagogues nearby w/ giftshops? Alternatively, I've found lots of cool Judaica on and maybe you could get expedited shipping.

I also get a catalog, I think it's The Source For Everything Jewish....

Shell said...

I think it needs to be December before the Christmas stuff goes up!

Sharyn said...

In Los Angeles, there are a lot of specifically Jewish stores that sell lots of judiaica. Try typing that term into Google and see if you can find anything better than what you found before.

Thanks, as always, for sharing yourself with us!

blueviolet said...

Thanksgiving gets the shaft from everyone!

Brandy@YDK said...

I wouldn't even know where to look for hanukkuh stuff. I think I saw a card section.

Sandra said...

Jewish people get socks and underwear as Hanukah gifts. No, really! My best friend is married to a Jewish man and his kids have more socks and underwear thanks to the Hanukah gifts they receive...was that helpful? :)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Thanksgiving is truly just a little speed bump on the way to Christmas. I think it's been way worse this year than in the past. I don't remember so many people decorating their houses this early.

Liz said...

a blow up TURKEY?!?!

and i agree that christmas decs shouldn't be out before thanksgiving.