A Mom Sexy Conundrum

Lately I've been at a crossroads.

I used to have a love-hate relationship with my hair. More times than not, it was hate. When I got it cut a few weeks, I feel back in love with my hair. Straight, curly? It didn't matter. I loved either way. An added bonus of my haircut was the color. It seemed that cutting off a few inches really brought out the blond highlights the sun gave me over the summer.

I loved my hair.

Blonds have more fun

But the more I played with my hair, the more I saw things I didn't love. And that would be the color gray. I ran straight to the box of hair color I have stashed in the bathroom, but then I stopped. I really loved the blond and wanted to hold onto it as long as I could. And the few strands of gray? They were part of who I am.

To accept who I am,
flaws and all,
is how to embrace my inner Mom Sexy.

I am no longer hanging out by the pool, nor am I outside as much as I was during the summer. This cold weather just sucks. Because of those facts, I've noticed the blond tint in my hair is fading. The mousy, boring brown is slowly making a come back.

Brown is boring! As much as I would love to continue to embrace my Mom Sexy, gray hair and all, I am beginning to cave to the voice. The voice coming from my bathroom. The voice whispering to remind me that red heads are fun.

As much as I would love to be happy with who I am and how I look, I really think this brown has to go.

Watch out red, here I come!


Welcome To Mommyland said...

Just put some nice blonde hi-lites in. That should hide any grey.

Kimberly said...

I am a brunette...err red head...err black...err streaked blonde...ah I can't remember what my hair colour actually is anymore. Those pesky gray hairs have been after me for a while now.
That's the beauty of hair...you can be whatever you want to be!

Oka said...

I use to be a brunette. Then my father's genes kicked in. I started graying at 16 (a year later than my father started). My sister also got the genes, but she lucked out with blonde hair, that hid the gray a lot longer than my brown hair ever can.

I have so much gray, I have to dye my hair so I don't feel/look like a grandma.

Kmama said...

Gray? Really? I wouldn't have guessed. Why don't you dye it the same color that you have right now, that you like??

Brandy@YDK said...

ya if you love the blonde - just do blonde in a box. blonde helps blend the grey too as it grows out.

Sandra said...

Good for you! I think life wouldn't be worth living without hair dye!

Anonymous said...

I love red! I plan to keep dyeing my hair so that hopefully I NEVER even see a grey hair. EVER.

Amy said...

I say go for it. I get Red in the Fall also.

Shell said...

I embrace everything about myself to be mom sexy...and that includes my need to color my hair. ;)

Anonymous said...

You would make a hot red head! Go for it!!!