The meaning behind

We would stay to the left while walking up the stairwell, afraid they would fall on us. When the warmer weather, came they would gather in corners. Hundreds upon hundreds.

There are many things I learned while at my first college, but the meaning behind my first tattoo is one I will never forget.

Sophomore year. My roommate, she was a rebel. A rebel with tattoos. Wanting to add to her collection, she convinced a mutual friend and I we needed one, too. I scrounged up sixty dollars. A lot for a poor college girl. We drove to a shop in the middle of nowhere. All I could afford was a small tattoo. Flipping through the artist's portfolio, I saw a ladybug and it took me back to that stairwell, where hundreds gathered in the corners.

Tattoo ladybug

My ladybug has since faded, but the memories are strong. I have added to my collection. The ladybug wasn't alone in that stairwell, and it won't be alone on me.

My green dragon flying free. Somewhere I'd like to think that they do exist.

Tattoo dragon

My flowers for my children, who continue to grow like weeds. Each flower represents the month of their birth.

Tattoo flowers

Finally my flowers. A safe place for my ladybug to land. A reminder that I must continue to grow as I age.

Tattoo flowers

My body is a temple. A temple to worship, protect, and decorate. I often wonder what will be next and what meaning it will hold.

Write a piece in which a tattoo figures prominently. Word count - 300. I have 246.
My apologies for the poor picture quality. It's not easy to take pictures of your own body!

Concrit welcome. As well as tattoo ideas!


Oka said...

I never worked up the nerve...actually that's only partially true. I could never think of something I knew I would be content with if I ever made it to be old, wrinkled, and sagging.

John said...

The ladybug is right under your belly-button?

I love the flowers for your kids - those are really, really nicely done.

Green Dragons are commonplace in Honalee.

KLZ said...

I love seeing other people's tattoos! How fun!!

Lolamouse said...

I love ladybugs! I could never think of an image I'd want to look at every day and wouldn't get tired of!

MommaKiss said...

ok, your lady bug looks like a kick ass bug. mine? like a strawberry. i'm jealous.

Shell said...

I can't help but think "OUCH" whenever I see tattoos. Even though I have one and want another!

I like that yours have meaning!

Jackie said...

I love the flowers you have for your kids!
My next one is going to be something similar. I want a 4 leaf clover on the inside of my wrist with my kids names on the leaves.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I LOVE that graphic about tattoos.
Love your tattoos, too. I'm still trying to decide what I want to represent my kids. I have 3 tats so far and am itching for more!

Wild Child Mama said...

I love the story about your roommate and that you all jumped feet first into your tattoos, young rebellion:) This is beautiful, "My body is a temple" I agree that decorating your temple is a magical experience. I love that dragon flying free!

Galit Breen said...

I love each glimpse of you, lady! From then to now- your story told!

And oh my, the ones for your kids? With the flowers and the growing? Love that! Love!

Rebel Chick said...

I love when people get tattoos that mean something to them. Tattoos are no different than art or music - its deeply personal.

Jessica said...

Wow, what neat tattoos and love that there is meaning behind each.

Emmy said...

Your tattoos are beautiful - some are so ugly and horrible- like one my oldest brother just got- but I love that yours all have so much meaning.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

Tats aren't my thing, but I do enjoy piercings. I have a couple and a few that I let grow over with age. But tattoos are a beautiful way to interprid art.