It's like high school

Elementary school functions. They're very similar to the few functions I attended in high school. Those I would have called bitches back then, and probably did, are now known as Motherbitches.

Last Friday was the annual Halloween dance at my kids' school. My kids had a fantabulous time and I'm sure the other students did as well. Me, on the other hand? I was tempted to bring home some of the leftover fruit punch and make a quick swing by the liquor store. All because of mother bitches.

Motherbitches #1:

Those who signed up to help before, during, or after the dance. Very few of them actually showed up. Showed up to help, that is. Some were seen during the dance chatting away to friends on the dance floor. But once those light came on at the end, they were gone.

Motherbitches #2:

The moms you would think have never seen their kid dressed in a costume. I understand wanting to take a picture of your toddler during the costume contest. Who doesn't love chubby cheeked little girls dressed up as a bumble bee. Or a boy, barely old enough to walk, donning a Spider Man costume, complete with fake muscles. Moms of older children, as in 2nd grade and up, they really needed to stop.

I was keeping an eye on a friend's sleeping son in his stroller. With how many moms that bumped into him while trying to move around for the perfect shot, I don't know how he didn't wake.

Motherbitches #3:

Those who are too good (or lazy) to clean up their messes. Our drink for the night was fruit punch. Fruit punch is red. Red stains. Quite a few spills were left for someone else to clean up. The janitor is the only one allowed to mop the floors. I don't even want to know what words were popping out of her mouth when she saw all those red spots under the tables.

Motherbitch #4:

Just one this time. This would be the mom of Kindergarten student, S. S is friends with my son. S is not a friend I like. I don't like the words he uses nor do I like how he treats people. What started as innocent poking and bumping turned into something more.

My boy was having fun playing with S while lined against the wall for the costume contest. The fun stopped when S refused to give my son's hat back. I tried to stay out of it because my boy needs to defend himself. But when that wasn't working, I had to step in and tell S to give my boy his hat back.

Where was S's mom? I have no clue. S is always getting into things. His mom can rarely be found. I don't want to tell my kids who to be friends with, but it's getting close to that point with S.

I feel like I am being mean in my venting, but I really don't understand. As adults, why haven't some people grown up enough to realize they aren't the only ones in the world? And why can't people take more responsibility when it comes to their kids?


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Oka said...

they are everywhere

Oka said...
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Kmama said...

I am so glad I don't attend more school functions. I would be so tempted to slap those women!

MommaKiss said...

I'm with Kmama. Truly. Can not handle the MotherBitch [shell IS a genius] and I usually tell them so.

Shell said...

It is crazy how many women are out there like this. It's like they have zero common sense!

Jocelyn said...

I am NOT looking forward to dealing with the motherbitches. Our daughter is only 1 now, but I'm sure the day will come soon enough. I couldn't stand them in school, and I'll be able to stand them even less in their mother form. Ugh.

The Empress said...

They're awful.
I wonder how they can go home, go to bed, and not reflect on their day and see how awful they've been.

Helene said...

How can women be like that and NOT realize it?? All I can think is that the whole MotherBitch cycle continues throughout the generations and no one has ever clued them in that their behavior is completely unacceptable.

But then again...we wouldn't have any great blog material if they were clued in.

On a side note, wasn't it so much easier when our kids were little and we chose their friends for them based on the adults WE wanted to hang out with. This whole elementary school, pick your own friends thing is tough. My daughter keeps choosing friends whose parents I'm not sure I'd want to be friend with but fortunately, Cole has chosen several friends whose parents I could easily see me enjoying being around.

Babes Mami said...

I hate motherbitches!!

Liz said...

I hate parents who don't pay attention. Whether its to their kids or their duties like cleaning up.