Chore Jar

When I was growing up, I had a list of chores. Some were only done on the weekends, while others were nightly jobs. Now that my midgets are older, I would like them to start pitching in around the house.

This is easier said than done!

A few months ago I thought I lucked out with having someone else wash the dishes. For almost a week, my daughter happily sang songs while she washed. However, she quickly realized this would be a nightly occurrence. Months later, I still require her to wash the dishes, but it's not without a fight.

My boy is the same way. He will do chores, but it has to be on his terms. Most times, having him do chores is not without a fight. I do not like doing everything around the house on my own. I would like the midgets to help out and teach them about responsibility. While browsing Pinterest, I came across a chore jar. I had every intention of making the same jar as in the picture, but walking around the craft store, I came up with a new idea.


Glass or plastic jar
Wide craft sticks - amount needed depends on the number of chores
2 Small bottles of paint
Markers (I used Sharpies)
Sponge paint brush

1. Using the sponge brush and one of your paint colors,
dab paint and cover the outside of the jar.

Chore jar

2. Using the second paint color, paint half of each craft stick

Chore jar

3. When all of the paint has dried, label your jar and craft sticks

Chore jar
Chore jar

4. Place your completed craft sticks in the jar

Chore jar

As of now I have 6 chores, but I am working on a list of others to add to the jar. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

My plan for this jar is simple. Each Saturday, my midgets will each choose 2 sticks from the jar. Those are their chores for the day. The husband and I have talked about giving the midgets some sort of allowance for their chores. Ever hopeful me, I'd like to think that a sense of accomplishment will be enough to motivate the midgets to want to do their chores every week. However, I think money is going to be the best motivator!


Oka said...

Good Luck with that.

Kmama said...


We are currently trying to come up with a list of "jobs" (as Buddy calls them) for him to do so that we can give him an allowance. I don't have much on the list yet, mostly because I'm a control freak. ;-)

Amy said...

Thanks for linking up this great idea... I would love to do this when my little one gets bigger..

Shell said...

That a good idea- to mix it up!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hey Evonne, I can so relate! We're currently trying to figure out how to motivate our kids too. Surprisingly, they are not very fond of helping out.

I like your jar idea. I think my kids would enjoy getting to choose their chores.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the great idea! I think charts get repetitive with my kidlets, and they quickly lose interest in a set chore.

This will create a "changeover period" each week which might help to fix the chore boredom.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

This idea is AWESOME!! I am stealing it from you!!


Babes Mami said...

I've seen this idea around and plan to use it myself. Right now all he's required to do is clean up his own spills and pick up toys to the best of his ability with our help to finish.

Sarann said...

Cute idea, visiting from Amy's Round Robin.