Shaken, not stirred

It was a horrible and scary incident. As backwards as it sounds, I am thankful that my kids were with me.

Friday we were taking are typical weekday afternoon drive to get the husband from work. On the way we have to pass through a mile long tunnel. I can't think of a time where there isn't traffic in this tunnel. And that was the case Friday afternoon.

The three of us were at a stop in the middle of the tunnel. Static coming from the radio while my boy was gabbing away. I heard the blare of a horn from behind. I glanced in the rear view mirror expecting to see a car switching lanes. Even though you aren't allowed to do this in these tunnels, people do it all the time. What I saw was a car a few hundred feet back, slowly creeping towards us. He mustn't have been paying attention and that resulted in the driver behind him laying on his horn.

I turned my eyes to the cars in front of us. Hopefully we would be moving again soon.

The movement that occurred was not the movement I expected. Mr. Hyundai behind us mustn't have been paying attention yet again. Thank goodness our car was there to stop him. Hard.



My head whacked off the head rest, which hurt like a son of a bitch. My girl's head must have done the same to her head rest. Screw the car, my girl was hurt! I threw open my door and practically ripped her door off. Her tears were falling hard and fast over her cheeks. Her screams were shrill and echoed through the tunnel. She was grabbing her head. I looked in her eyes, told her to move her head, and asked if she was ok. Once I realized she was more scared than anything else, I turned to face the asshole who hit me and was now walking towards me.

If the kids weren't in the car, I would have ripped him a new asshole. It took everything I had to not face him and say, "What the fuck?" Livid was too tame of a word to describe how I felt. I walked towards my bumper to examine the damage. Lucky for him, it's minimal. Just a few scratches. Also lucky for him that we are all ok. A little sore and very shaken up, but ok.

What I find funny (now, not at the time) is that my boy wasn't phased by any part of the accident. He was just fascinated by the new scratches on our Chevy red car.


Oka said...

went through that leaving the soccer complex a few years ago. Traffic at a stand still due to a light. I watch as the van behind me kept coming, driver facing the very backseat of the van. I had 4 kids in the van, one under a year. I was livid. Her excuse...her daughter in the very backseat had asked her to hand her something and she thought the stopped traffic was far enough ahead she didn't need to stop.

KLZ said...

I'm so glad everyone is ok! Man driving is such an every day thing and it's amazing how people forget it's also a dangerous activity.

Kmama said...

That is so scary. I'm so glad it wasn't worse than that!!

Babes Mami said...

So scary! And so glad you are all okay, I dont' know if I could have held it in kids or no kids.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I had a similar incident when my first child was just a baby. It was my first 'mama bear' moment; the noise scared him and made him cry, and I may or may not have threatened the life of the girl who hit me........
I'm so glad you all are ok!

MommaKiss said...

Impressive that the "WTF" didn't come out. No really, I'm impressed!