Those were the days. Maybe?

Liz at a belle, a bean, & a chicago dog is doing a meme of sorts. We all remember how incredibly awesome we looked in high school - crazy clothes, wild hair. Ya, good times!

I love sharing old pictures because sometimes they're good for a laugh. I had to get in touch with a friend of mine. She is the queen of all picture circa the high school days. Also? My mom can't seem to find my actual senior pictures. I even went through her boxes of old pictures myself. If I didn't know any better, I'd say my brother is loved more than me. Thanks, mom! (love you)

I would love to lie and tell you that this is my senior prom picture because I think it's a great picture. Other than the "hold you date just so" pose, of course.

But my actual senior prom photo is this....

We looked so thrilled, don't we? And yes, that is a tie-dye shirt my boyfriend (now husband) has on under his jacket. It wouldn't have looked so bad if he wore a tie that didn't have some nature scene on it. Owls, I think.

I'm still not sure why, but I was hell bent on wearing one of my mom's old dresses. I loved the color. I loved the way it felt on me. What I did not love was how I stood out compared to my friend's dresses!

No one told me short was the *the* style in '97!

Before you start wondering what kind of crazy looking hotel our dance was in, we were on a boat.

I went through a lot of different looks in those four years. My freshman year started with crazy patterns accompanied by sky-high ponytails held in place with a scrunchie and teased bangs.

The middle years were full of ponytails held back with the first thing I could grab in the morning, rock hard bangs curled under, only covering half of my forehead, and clothes any color that resembled black.

In my senior year, my mom jumped for joy when I slashed her grocery bill by abandoning hair spray. But the black clothing? That stayed with me for many more years.

My year book picture.

Looking at some of these pictures, I'm not sure if I miss how I looked in those days or not.


erin margolin said...

Okay, I'm laughing because although my mom never would've let me wear as short a dress as your friends did, I never would have worn one of her dresses! you are too cute, though! and the nature tie? Priceless!

The Random Blogette said...

You are way too cute and I love the fact that you did not follow the trend like everyone else did. It is ok to be differnt! I went through so many different styles in my 4 years! Go 1997!!!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

OMGoodness! I love the tease picture! And ok, you are darling, and your husband was in need of a fashion emergency intervention. So cute that you went retro with mom's dress. His tie-dye shirt with the owl tie. Yikes!!! Love that you are married, though, and can laugh about it now!

Shell said...

How fun that you wore your mom's dresses! :)

Liz said...

Jules, these are SO darn good! You look like someone is forcing you to go to prom in that photo. And the scrunchie with the striped suit?!?! You will never be called "timeless" for that photo. Ha!

Thank you, thank you for joining in! Love it!

Natalie said...

Awesome! I love the pic of you and your boyfriend looking "thrilled!"

Jessica Anne said...

You totally rocked that striped outfit! I love the thrilled to be going to prom look. Just awesome.