What is you favorite color?

Since you were first able to communicate with us your likes and dislikes, your favorite color has been one that is bright and cheery, like the sun. When asked you will still give the same answer. However, when I look at what you've been through and some of your favorite things, it leads me to wonder. I think you actually have two favorite colors.

I should have known that this fiery color would have been one of your favorites. It has always been a part of you.

Your first Christmas, at the ripe old age of 6 months, you were often refereed to as the little Dutch boy. Your cheeks were bright and rosy. You sometimes reminded me of a clown when you showed your toothless grin.

As the months progressed, this color truly became a part of you. Your legs became flushed and hot to the touch from the evil grip of eczema. The multitude of lotions and creams we used to soothe your chubby legs looked like snow atop a scarlet field. The fire soon faded and we have been able to keep eczema at bay.

Other things throughout the years have led me to believe that you have more than one favorite color.

You used to love Elmo. So much so that I bought you not one, but three extra special ones. Your favorite was the Elmo who sang the hokey pokey. Not the one dressed like a chicken.

The color of your favorite jacket with the monster truck is not that of a lemon. It shines like a fire truck.

Your favorite blanket is covered with Spider Man. The only thing possibly golden about him is his personality.

When the decision of what flavor of Kool-aid I should make is yours to make, you choose cherry or tropical punch. Not lemonade, as one would suspect by the color of it's envelope.

You might claim that yellow is your favorite color, and has been for years, but is it your only favorite color?

Red Dress ClubPrompt~ Give me a memory of the color red. Do not write the word 'red' but use words that engender the color red when you hear them.

Concrit always welcome


Jennifer said...

I think this was a really good use of the prompt. You definitely got the color image across without ever using the word.

Sluiter Nation said...

definitely got the color red across! I like it!

I think I would have maybe started with the color yellow...because my favorite part at the end was how you compared. So maybe you could have said, your favorite toy isn't big bird, it's elmo. does that make sense?

I love that you wrote this TO your son.

Kmama said...

Great job with the prompt. You got some great feedback from Katie. I'll second her ideas. ;-)

le Chef said...

I saw it, and even believed I had actually read the word "RED", only to go back and realize you're just clever.
Spot on! Loved it!

Renee said...

Good job! I agree with getting yellow in there quicker.
But really well written in total.

I love that you're holding a "conversation" with your son. Good take on the prompt.

Shell said...

Clever use of the prompt- I read it and blanked. LOL

Sandra said...

Great post Jules!
Trying to get into the mind of a child is exhausting. Just let the kid think yellow is his favorite colour! :)

Elisa Heisman said...

Very clever to use childhood images to communicate the color without actually saying the color. Writing to your child instead of about your child inspires me to do the same. Nice job!