Words of wisdom

First off, let me start with a little disclaimer.

I am typing this post out Saturday night. I am stupid excited for the Super Bowl. I will be in no condition to blog tomorrow. Win or lose (go Steelers), I won't be in any condition to blog on Monday either! I may also be somewhat stupid at the moment because I am ridiculously tired! It's 11pm and I need to stay up for a bit more so I can throw my clothes in the dryer. If they weren't game day clothes, I'd say screw it.

To pass the time I was tweeting. I was really close to a monumental 1000 tweets. I realize I originally said 10,000 on Twitter. Right about now is when you should refer to my disclaimer up above. Not the excited part, but the stupid because I am tired part!

As I'm bouncing between tweeting and a show on Comedy Central, the gears in my head start to turn. Sometimes this is a good thing. Other times, not so much. It's a crap shoot when I start coming up with ideas!

Earlier in the night I was trying to write a blog post. I have recently pulled our some of my writings from years ago and I want to tidy them up a bit and improve upon them. My inspiration took a smoke break, so my mind started to turn to the things that I write about or what I want to write about.

I am my own worst critic, but I also worry about what others will think. Will they like what I write? The day to day posts or my actual creative writing stuff (should I choose to publish some of that). Will I offend someone? I don't write about controversial subjects, but will there be a line or a few words that will send someone through the roof?

I tell myself that I am like a duck. Harsh words and criticism are like water and roll off my back. But let's be honest, sometimes those words stick with you. Even though those words may stick with you, my gears cranked out some words of wisdom.

Tweet like no one is reading
Blog like no one is reading

I'm not saying you should be a bitch and try to intentionally piss someone off. Just be honest. If someone doesn't like what you have to say, they can click the X.


Oka said...

Live like no one is watching ;)

Shell said...

It's so hard not to worry about the things we post...but if we do, we won't have anything left to write!

Brandy@YDK said...

love it.

singedwingangel said...

Do it anyway by Martina McBride covers this perfectly. Do YOU the only way you know how to the best of your ability and let the pieces fallwhere they may

blueviolet said...

When my family stopped reading my blog, that's when I felt free to be me.