It's not a competition

Worrying if I am doing the best for my children is a constant struggle of mine. I know I am not alone in this. Not a day goes by when I don't see another mom, online or off, struggling with her role as a mother.

Along with raising our children to the best of our abilities, part of motherhood is also supporting our fellow moms. When another mom is struggling, we rally together to offer our support. When another mom is bragging about her child's latest accomplishment, we join in her celebration.

What motherhood is not is a competition.

Earlier this week, my son, who is 6, made dinner. And I'm not talking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm talking this...

Beef Stroganoff

Aside from cutting up and cooking the meat and onions, he cooked the rest of the meal. And it was delicious!

Of course I had to share. I posted to Facebook and I posted to Twitter. I expected one of two things - congratulations or nothing at all. What I did not expect was a woman warning me about a cooking disaster her daughter had. This is not the first time this woman has turned my proud moment into a disastrous moment about her daughter.

I brag about my children because I am proud of what they do. I do not need my joy crushed with warnings of what could happen. If you want to share a similar story with me about your child, by all means, please do so. I would honestly love to hear it. But your child is no better than mine. And mine are no better than yours.

I wish everyone would stop and think before they speak, tweet, or comment. It's about supporting, not competing.

pour your heart out

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Oka said...

he did a great job, wow

sometimes we need to let things slide off our shoulders and ignore things, some people don't know how to be social

Shell said...

Wow, what a great meal!

Some people just can't be happy for others. They have to find the negative in everything!

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

What an awesome meal! I love having my daughter "help" me cook. I hope she's up to cooking like your 6yo in a few years! Great job, Mommy!

Ducky said...

VERY impressive! I love how much passion Lil Duck has in the kitchen. I hope by 6 she has culinary talents as yours does!! I would be most proud too!!!

Just Cherish Today said...

that is a very impressive job~ he did a GREAT job. Don't let other mommys get you down. :) your little one can swing on by and cook me dinner! :) p.s im your newest follower.

angie said...

He did do a fantastic job. My oldest started making omelettes when she was 5. I think that as parents we know what each child can handle and would not let them do what we thought was dangerous for them. Would I let my 7 year old make omelets? No way. But when I think he's ready, I'll let him.

Kmama said...

You have every right to be proud of him. That's truly awesome.

I'm sorry someone decided to use your moment of pride to share something like that. Boo on them.

Helene said...

You know, there are always people out there who live to steal our thunder.

You have every right to be proud of your son! The very fact that he's even interested in cooking a meal for the family is awesome but he's also learning skills that he'll need in the future.

His future wife will thank you someday.

Babes Mami said...

I still want to kick that woman!

KLZ said...

I think some people just can't stop focusing on themselves. It's really too bad.

The meal looks delicious, BTW.

Liz said...

I saw your posting on FB about this. I don't get it, but at least people who act like this are in the minority.