I miss my childhood

I miss my childhoodI miss my childhood.

The waxy smell of a freshly opened box of crayons. Any color was mine for the choosing.

Bright, cheery yellow

Calm, soothing blue

Make me giggle and smile like the girl I was pink.

I was free to color whatever I wanted, however I wanted. Trees don't always have green leaves when you are 5. Sometimes they can be purple. And, if I was so inclined, I could make the sun orange. It didn't matter if I colored out of the lines. Mom loved my pictures no matter what they looked like. Each and everyone was carefully hung on the fridge with one of Grandma's numerous chicken magnets.

I miss my childhood.

Cookies were baked with Grandma in the weeks leading to Christmas. Flour covered our shirts and the table. Red icing on my cheek from the itch I scratched. While Grandma turned to place the next batch in the oven, I would quietly grab a ball of dough from the next batch to be made.

I miss my childhood.

Endless days playing hide-n-seek or riding bikes from one friend's house to the next. Out all day until the street lights came on.

Countless winter days grumbling while mom bundled me up. Her efforts led to hours of sledding and snowman building. When all 3 layers of pants were wet and I could no longer feel my toes, Mom was always there with hot chocolate in hand.

I miss my childhood.

Crayons have been replaced by pens and keyboards. My work must be precise and I must always, always stay in the lines. Leaves are now green and the sun is always yellow. My work is no longer displayed on the fridge. Instead it is full of lists and reminders.

I miss my childhood.

In the weeks leading to Christmas, my children and I bake. We have icing and sprinkles and flour in our hair. But they must never, ever eat the dough. There are raw eggs in there and we don't want anyone sick. Although I do know they sneak tastes as I once did.

I miss my childhood.

It is too cold for me to go outside. I zip all the zippers and tie both of their scarves. They grumble as I fidget. Are your feet all the way in? Are you mittens on tight?

I watch my children build snow forts as I place one clean shirt onto the pile. They slide down our hill as I try to find a match for yet another sock. I must hurry and finish so I have time to make hot chocolate before they are too cold.

I miss my childhood.

Write on edgeThis week’s Write on Edge prompt is to use the image above for your inspiration and begin your post with those words…”I miss my childhood…”

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Kimberly said...

Those are all lovely memories...but that's why we had kids right? We can relive them through their eyes ;)
Beautifully written.

Jackie said...

The repetition of the line "I miss my childhood" really was powerful here. And I like how you compared your experience as a child to that of an adult in three different scenarios. Great use of the prompt.
There is still something almost magical about a new pack of crayons!

Kmama said...

This brought me back to my own childhood. Very good job.

Amanda said...

and it is sad that our children don't get to play outside until the streetlights come on anymore... I'm not sure it's safe like it used to be. great writing.

Anastasia said...

great memories, some that I share myself.

Galit Breen said...

Sweet, warm, and fuzzy- love!

I really like the repeated line that you threaded throughout. It ties this all together poetically.

Chantel said...

Lovely. Simple and elegant.

And once in a while, color your leaves blue and scribble--it will keep you sane and make your children whisper.

wendy @ mama one to three said...

very lovely. what a nice read for late at night after watching the news... I am back to happy.

Elaine A. said...

I love how you tied your cookie baking in with your kids doing it with you too. That's one of my favorite memories of childhood too, baking with my mom!