Communication is key

Love, friendship, trust, common interests and values. I believe all of those need to be well established before you step into the world of marriage. Once you are married, communication needs to be added to those core values.

Communication is key.

Men are not always good at picking up on our subtle hints. If us ladies want something done or want to go somewhere specific, we must spell it out word for word. I'm not trying to cut men down. Men and women are just wired different.

While I have learned to spell things out word for word, I think my husband needs to take a lesson in letting his wife in on events that happen within our house.

Perfect example.....

After a morning out with a friend, I came home to relax before starting my round 2. I turned on my radio, opened up Gmail, and logged into Facebook. As I'm humming away to the music, I hear a noise. Being home alone, I'm often a little skittish. I turn off the radio and cock my head. Because cocking one's head helps you hear better, right?

I don't hear the noise again so I blame it on the rain. It must be water dripping off the porch roof onto some toy or another the boy left outside.

I turn the radio back on and continue to read my email. I hear it again. Off goes the radio and up I stand, head cocked. A scratching sound. Coming from the kitchen. Close to the fridge.

I jump on chat and frantically type out what I heard to the husband. There is something not human in this house! His reply?

"Mouse me thinks"

Um... what?!

He then goes on to explain that he heard a similar noise the day before as well as that morning.

Um, hi! Cluing me in would have been nice. It is a much better idea to tell your wife about a possible mouse than it is to let her see it run across the kitchen with no prior knowledge of it's existence!

This is not our first experience with a mouse, but it is the first experience with one in our house. That I know of. Obviously we need to work on our communication skills.

I know I'll hold up my end of communicating that the husband is in charge of setting up the traps and disposing of the little bugger should he be caught!


Oka said...


Kmama said...

We found mice in our basement. I'm not a sissy, but mice are not my job! I freaked out at the thought of them in my house.

Good luck getting rid of it!

Babes Mami said...

I turn into a complete chair standing squealing girl when I see a mouse.

Helene said...

We've had mice from time to time in our home and eeewwwww, they are just so gross. I'll never forget the one time Tim and I were watching Paranormal Activity one night and I went into the bathroom and a freakin' mouse came out of nowhere and scurried across my foot and out the door! I made Tim look for that damn mouse for the next hour.

Where was our cat? Laying on the floor, looking completely bored.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

Yay, I would put that in the crutial information!! I would want to know that as well. We get moles here!! Damn varmits. lol Good luck catching the the mouse!