The Bitch

Hello there. How are you? My name is Skinny Bitch.

Some of you out there may be jealous. I'm here to explain why you shouldn't be.

1. People aren't always nice to the Skinny Bitch

The previous owners of our house had a thing for mirrors in the bedroom (shudder). The husband and I being too lazy to take them down, we left them on the walls. Trust me when I say I am well aware of what I look like. I'm that skinny bitch everyone loves to hate. It's genetics, and while I usually don't like it, it is what it is. People pointing out my size, telling me to eat (I do), and using words like "anorexic" (I'm not) - it sucks.

2. Compliments can be taken too far

People compliment me on my clothes. I always love that! Following your compliment with "it's sickening how skinny you are" - I don't like that. My body image is already in the shitter. Those follow-ups definitely don't do much to raise my views of myself. I shouldn't feel like I need to crawl into a hole when someone who wants to buy me clothes, especially pants, asks what size to get.

3. Belts

Lovely accessories. Pain in the ass when they are a requirement. Not everyone has junk in their trunk. Not everyone has wide hips. Shop in the Junior department you say? I suppose I could if I wanted to look like a hooch. Mini skirts, halter tops, and shorts that say "cute" on the ass? No thank you! Being over 30 and lacking in the boob department, the teeny bopper look does nothing for me.

Some of you out there may want to lose weight. I may not agree, but if should choose to pursue that quest, perhaps you could help me out.

Anything baggage you no longer need or want can be sent my way. Please send it to...

Skinny Bitch
123 Hookagirlup Road
Skinnytown, USA 55555

PS. Something to help my boobs in those packages would be greatly appreciated.


Oka said...

genetics was not my friend...I did not stay that way.
believe it our not though, until I had kids...I was that skinny bitch
...I know how unkind people were about it. I have always had breast, but my rib cage used to stick out...many a people were rude enough to ask if I had two sets of boobs. My mom never understood why I wore baggy clothes in high school and on.

Kmama said...

I think making comments about someone being skinny is just as rude as making comments about someone being overweight.

I hear you on the belts though. I'm not anywhere near skinny, however, because I carry weight around my middle, I have to buy pants to fit my waist, and then they are saggy everywhere else.

Babes Mami said...

Me and someone (I want to say Chris but who knows) were talking about this the other day. I struggle to lose weight and it's frustrating but how on the other end there are ladies who are very skinny and would probably like to gain a few pounds but can't.

Brittney said...

my brother's ex girlfriend was the same way. She was so self conscience about her size, me being a bigger girl I didnt understand but listening to her for a while i realized she had body issues just like I do so I learned to watch what I say because calling someone skinny isnt always a compliment :) Oh and you could definitely have some of my "extra baggage" haha

Shell said...

It's like the socially acceptable insult, to talk about someone being skinny. But, it wouldn't hurt any less.

Sorry you have to deal with those comments.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I was overweight for most of my life. When I was a young teenager, I made a joking comment to a male friend calling him skinny. He called me fatty. That's when I realized that both comments can be equally hurtful. So now I'm very careful what I say! Now that I've lost a lot of weight I get some comments that I'm getting too thin. You can't please some people!

Helene said...

It kills me how some people think a comment like that is complimentary. I guess people think it's less hurtful if you're thin but it obviously still hurts, nevertheless.

A Mother's Thoughts said...

It sucks that you have to go through that kind of crap. I will send some your way when I have excess. lol


Liz said...

you with the lack of junk in your trunk can partner with craig who is strangely short for a guy, and open a speciality clothing store. :-)

Poppy said...

I think you would be equally gorgeous with "Hot Mama" written across your ass :)

KLZ said...

I have long maintained that I'd share some of my boobs if I could. They're not all they're cracked up to be. And my back hurts.