How do I know?

It doesn't need to be said that, as parents, we will fight for our children. They are young, still learning. Often how they feel cannot be put into words. It is our job to make sure they succeed. It is our job to make them better when ill.

But how do we know when to fight and when to sit back and wait?

At 6, my son can give you all kinds of tips and tricks when playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.
Even though we are now on the same level. And I had to help him catch up to me.

He can name almost any construction vehicle, as well as explain what each one does.

He can draw a blueprint of something he wants to build and explain each step along the way.

What he cannot do is tell me why his head hurts.

Every so often, he complains of headaches after school. Sometimes he says they happen after gym or outside recess. But he cannot tell me why. He didn't fall. A friend didn't push him. He just has a headache.

At first I thought I should get his eyes checked. I know he will need glasses because, as of now, he is the only one without them in the family. But he shows no signs of needing them. He doesn't squint. His teacher hasn't mentioned him having trouble seeing the board from the back of the room. Hell, he can see things far away that I can't see and I wear glasses!

I want to fight for my child to find an answer, but I don't know where to start. Calling the doctor to say he has a headache seems a little silly. Some Tylenol and quiet time will clear that right up.

But what if there's more that I cannot see and he cannot tell me? Do I fight and risk sounding overprotective about something trivial? Or do I sit by and wait, hoping it's nothing?

How do I know?

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Kimberly said...

As a pediatric ER nurse, I can tell you that parents come in all the time with a slew of different issues...thing is we in the medical field know that all parents *know* their child and when they aren't well. So we go on that.
Kids have a hard time verbalizing pain. We so understand that. That's why parents are wonderful advocates.
It's not being pushy or overprotective. You sense something is wrong and you have every right to get it checked out
It's not foolish at all.

Colleen said...

I agree with the first comment and really hope that whatever it is, your son feels all better soon. Wishing you a joyful Christmas!

Oka said...

You aren't talking one headache. You are talking about headaches that reoccur often enough to be aware of.

It may be glasses, stress,you never know. But why not have a doctor try to help you and your son figure out. A good pediatrician knows the right questions to ask.

FYI, everyone in my family has really bad vision, except me. I still have absolutely no need for glasses. And no, I wasn't adopted.

jen@ living a full life said...

I agree as well. Continue to go with your gut. It could be his eyes or dehydration or even something social.

I'd suggest e-mailing his teacher and mentioning it, maybe she can point you in the right direction.

Hope he feels better, and you do too!

Shell said...

It's so hard to know when to get something checked and when to wait it out. I tend to wait things out... unless they are ongoing.

Teresa said...

I'd get it checked out. My son is 5 (today). I try to limit the tv, and PS3 game time. My son loves construction vehicles too, and always corrects me on the difference between loaders and excavators...

Maybe your son has sinus headaches or seasonal allergies?

Di said...

I joke that I should get a frequent visitor discount at the pediatricians but at the same time there is no shame in getting things checked out. Just in case. I figure I'm not the expert they are!

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

For the random headache here and there, I would agree with quiet time and Tylenol. But this sounds like a more chronic issue, one that should be addressed!

Start keeping track of when he has headaches, how long they last, the severity. After you have a good journal, call your doctor! I hope it's a quick and easy answer!

Babes Mami said...

Go with your gut, it is always right.

Jackie said...

Gotta agree with the other ladies. If you feel, deep down in that mama gut that something is off, then get it checked out!
While I often wait things out with myself, I turn into that overprotective mama bear with my girls.

Katrina said...

Better to be overprotective than "under" protective, I always say! Trust your mama intuition. We have that for a reason ;)