I'd congratulate myself, but...

There are many things in this world I will never understand. Some I try to learn more about, while others there is no hope for understanding. One of those things I will never understand is why some people do not think before they speak. Or in this case, type.

I understand that many things, especially online, can easily be taken out of context. What one person meant as a joke another takes as an insult. I also understand that people are curious and ask questions they do not find inappropriate in the slightest. And these are the people who do not understand that all of one's friends will read what you post on their Facebook page.

This past weekend, my family and I went to see the Nuclear Cowboyz motocross show. We had a fantabulous time. I'll share more about that another time (or you can read my review here <--shameless plug!). During the intermission I was using my phone to browse Facebook. I noticed that a friend had posted to my wall. Usually this means I've been invited to XYZ group that I have no interest in, but I clicked over to see what she had to say anyway. This friend was wishing me a happy upcoming birthday. That was the cherry that topped off the night!'

The following morning I logged onto Facebook. I noticed that someone else had posted on my wall. Noticing who posted on my wall made me shake my head and think "Now what?" This lady is a former coworker. She is sweet as pie, but has no filter and can be thick as a brick at times. I wondered if maybe it was her telling me about our grocery store having some new flavor of ice cream on sale. Yes, she has posted that kind of stuff before.

I click over to my wall when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a happy birthday message and a puzzling question... "when is #3 making an appearance?"

Wait, what? I'm pregnant?! I wish someone would have told me. Oh, wait, this friend just did! I would congratulate myself, if it wasn't for the fact that I am NOT expecting. Nor do we have any plans of adding to our family.

Perhaps because her daughter just had her third child and both of our oldest two are the same ages, she expected me to also be ready to add another bundle of joy. Or perhaps, like the diaper companies who like to send me free samples, she has some misconception about who is expecting and who is not. Um... I'm in the NOT category.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no problems discussing whether or not we are expanding our family, but I prefer to have that conversation face-to-face. Or, apparently, on my blog. But just coming out and asking me on my Facebook wall? That rubs me the wrong way.

Yes, I could have deleted the post, but I replied to set the record straight. I was waiting to see if she would reply to my reply, but so far, no dice. Also, I just deleted a comment from this friend on a recent picture I posted. I felt a little guilty.

When it comes to your family size, how do you handle people questioning it at the wrong time or place?

Completely unrelated - I may have a bit of a Facebook addiction!


Oka said...

Nowadays, I can make it clear it's just not possible.

Before, if I couldn't let it roll off my shoulders. I'd lie and tell them I was pregnant with triplets (or more).

Kmama said...

People are always making comments about us. I usually follow up with "Well, maybe we'll have another if YOU are paying for it." Or, I'll say, "When are YOU going to have another one?"

jules said...

Some people just don't think before they type!

(I think I have a bit of a FB addiction too)

Helene said...

I'm constantly getting asked either, "So are you gonna try for a 3rd set of twins?" and "I'm assuming you're done??"

First of all, who in their right mind actually TRIES for a 2nd set of twins, let alone a 3rd set of twins, right?

Secondly, the way they say "I'm assuming you're done" makes me feel like I've committed the crime of the century by overpopulating the earth. What if I want more kids? Is it really their business?

Depending on where we are and who I'm with, I usually just smile politely and go about my business.

Jayme said...

People used to ask if we were done when we'd announce a pregnancy- but the last couple of times we haven't heard that- and in fact a few people have asked if we'll be adding to the family lately...

Liz said...

That's obnoxious to randomly post that without some existing context on your page.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I don't mind friends asking if we want to have more, but asking about pregnancy, on Facebook? I wouldn't have been happy either.

Though I fully admit to having my own broken speaking filter at times. :)

Shell said...

Some people are really inappropriate online- they don't realize just who else will see what they post!